American Kratom Association Testifies Before Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

August 14, 2015 — Executive Director of the American Kratom Association (AKA), Susan Ash, testified before the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board, urging them to consider removing Kratom from their Schedule I list. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, no decisions had been made, but we are hopeful the Board will make the right choice.

Susan Ash’s Testimony:

Along with Susan, Wisconsin Kratom consumer Kerry Biggs also testified at the meeting to tell her experience with Kratom.

Kerry’s Testimony:

Kratom industry representatives were also in attendance at the meeting and with them was a Jack Henningfeld, Ph.D. who is a professor of Behavioral Biology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who presented his findings based on his recent research.

United Naturals, a company working hard to rescind the ban, sent Dr. Henningfield, a pharmacologist versed in the science surrounding their product Vivazen, and he also made some conclusions about Kratom, in general.

Scientific Testimony of Jack E. Henningfield, PhD Concerning Kratom

Dr. Henningfield’s conclusions, his sterling credentials, and the new scientific research on Kratom that he presented at this meeting add further evidence to support the AKA’s position that Kratom is indeed safe and effective when used responsibly.

We, at the American Kratom Association, are pleased and honored that we were able to attend and present at this hearing in support of rescinding the ban on Kratom in Wisconsin. We believe progress was made that will eventually benefit Kratom consumers everywhere.

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