Cured Migraines and major depression

I have now been taking Kratom for over a year. I make tea several times per day. I suffered from chronic migraines for 15 years and saw every doctor and expert in my area. I have been on dozens of prescriptions drugs and even pain meds. These doctors throw medication at me in hopes that one will stick. Almost all the meds that I have been prescribed had horrible side effects.

So I started doing my own research in hopes to get out of bed, go to work and enjoy my family and life. I found Kratom and after a lot of research I gave it a try. It’s has taken my migraines down from 5-6 day per week to twice a month on average.

i also have been diagnosed with major depression and while I wasn’t trying Kratom to help with that, IT DID.

I now go to work everyday, I’m in a good mood and I rarely get migraines. This plant has been a god send.

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