DEA IMMEDIATELY REMOVE CANNABIS AND MITRAGYNINE/ 7HYDROXYMITRAGYNINE FROM SCHEDULE 1. Kratom has been introduced into the USA at just the right time. You may say it is a reaction to over prescribing of opioid medications to Americans. The mind boggling stats of opioid related deaths in the USA are very real. Today I just found out that a dear friend of mine was just lost to oxycontyn, Timmy Lindsey. I to also had a twelve year battle with oxycontyn. Opiate addicts are not druggies or bad people. We are everyday citizens who believed our doctors and followed their advice. We believed that the American Medical Association and our government would protect us.  My Dr. who I loving refer to as the drug dealer in a white coat had no problem jamming the maximum number of pills legally allowed to prescribe per day right down my throat. In fact the drug dealer in the white coat also thought it was a good idea for my wife to take a more mild version. My wife was the only thing that was keeping me alive and I am very lucky she was able to see the real picture long before she was able to help me break free from my addiction. Without going into details I was really bad and it took long term care for me to get back into regular life but I was unable to do so. I lost my desire to shine. I had become a dull grey blob dependent on addiction recovery. Really my whole life was still surrounded by these pill people even when I was not taking them. I lost my mind and ended up in a Florida State metal ward where things got very dark for me. Not soon after I was released from the psych ward I went back to treatment center where I learned about kratom. One kid asked me if I had heard of it and that was all it took.

Since kratom has been a part of my life I have been drug free for 7 years. I have become a loving parent, productive businessman, contributing member of society, and I feel alive again. The medications had taken my ability to feel pleasure at all even months after stopping the medications it was not me inside. Kratom was able to allow my brain to feel again. Why ban something that has the potential for so much good. Dont we want to examine this miracle that is at our feet.

The DEA just recently denied the 4th attempt to remove cannabis from schedule 1. Not long after they denied cannabis the DEA  moved to schedule 1 kratom and its active ingredients as well. Why would our government let 14 billion pain pills be sold in one year. Does the DEA and our leaders care about this issue? Hey DEA you want to act as if you are protecting the people of this nation well here is your big chance.  IMMEDIATELY REMOVE CANNABIS AND MITRAGYNINE/ 7HYDROXYMITRAGYNINE FROM SCHEDULE 1. Get the National Institute of Health the NIH to do a massive study on the possible benefits of these herbs. Fast track this process in the name of public safety. 11 Senators, 51 Congressmen, Drug Policy Alliance, American Herbal Products Association, Office of Management and Budget OMB, national media, American Kratom Association and Botanical Education Alliance will all stand behind you and we together can truly protect the people and do something about this epidemic. Stop claiming to be doing something and actually help. If not at least get out of the way so we can complete our divine  mission of intervention. Lets take this team we have assembled and really use it to change the world to a better place. Our future leaders and role models are being swept under the carpet and left for dead and we will destruct as a nation if this is not stopped. Again I say to the DEA IMMEDIATELY REMOVE CANNABIS AND MITRAGYNINE/ 7HYDROXYMITRAGYNINE FROM SCHEDULE 1.

We will not stop fighting until our goal is reached. Our mission is one of a divine nature and we will prevail. Plants are the answer to the epidemic at hand and our leaders are hiding them far away from the grasp of researchers and those who intend to understand their mystical healing properties. The FDA in its kratom import alert declares kratom as a NDI or New Dietary Ingredient. This classification does not permit for medical claims to be made as to what conditions the herb may treat. To make these sort of claims the herb would need to go through the IND process Investigative New Drug process. I believe as well as many others such as AHPA American Herbal Products Association that kratom should remain as a supplement in the eyes of the FDA and major medical claims can not be made. The benefit of this classification is that it would remain available to users without having to risk going to a Dr. and getting prescribed deadly pills that they think is better. The pharmaceutical companies whom I like to call the Dark Army will ensure that the American Medical Association and their doctors push the pharmaceutical versions.

The alternative is to fill up our overcrowded prisons with innocent people. They will become institutionalized and likely become career criminals. The war on drugs is back firing in the face of the DEA and they now, RIGHT NOW, have a chance to do something about it. The USA jails a larger percentage of its population higher than any other nation. This is big business talking. Kratom being illegal will benefit the jails and create a black market which will have countless negative ramifications. Don’t we have a say in our life. Again I say to the DEA IMMEDIATELY REMOVE CANNABIS AND MITRAGYNINE/ 7HYDROXYMITRAGYNINE FROM SCHEDULE 1 and protect the people like pretend like you want to do.


Sincerely Lucky

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