floroquinolone toxicity and kratom

Years ago I took an antibiotic for a life threatening infection which caused what’s called “floroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome” which causes many issues with the human body from DNA damage to nerve pain to ruptured tendons. Add to this, I also have a serious neurological condition where the Vagus nerve that links the brain and heart is disrupted. The pain is pretty much constant as are the long term effects (vertigo, phantom broken bone pain, Tinnitus, cramps).

I began taking Kratom six months ago and noticed some effects right away. Over the years, being able to break the pain cycle usually meant taking opioid medications which were never effective long term, so when I found out about Kratom, I decided to try it and see if I could get some relief from the pain.

For me, green/red Bali and green Maeng Da work the best for relieving the pain, usually in a fairly low dose. The Kratom does work and the effects (the buzz) is minimal which is good for me. Overall, for the purposes of a testimonial, Kratom seems like an excellent long term solution to my condition.

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