Kratom user

I have been on opiates for the past 13 years due herniated discs a 2 surgeons that have recommended surgery, which I will not have.  I have  been a nurse and been on opiates, imagine what people think and they don’t understand.  Although, I’ve taken them as prescribed, I’ve had to cut them in half not knowing  if I was going to be able to refill my scripts.  That’s terrifying because of the sickness that comes with them if you don’t take them.  Those of you that are on opiates know what I’m talking about.  Since I discovered Kratom I am almost completely off of my opiates, has reduced my anxiety level, and has helped with my pain.  Yes I still have access to my opiates, but I really am starting to get a desire not to take them.  The tea works the best.  has a nasty taste, but if you get it with some type of juice, it tastes like a strawberry daiquiri without alcohol.  Thank you Kratom, I hope it never becomes any illegal drug.  I even cancelled  my monthly doctor’s appointment

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