Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

I suffer from herniated disks in my lower L4-L5, L5 S1 regions, that causes tremendous and chronic daily sciatic pain in my left leg.  I also have some further spinal stenosis issues and have tried all sorts of approaches to alleviating pain that interferes with my quality of life and ability to maintain my maximum productivity as a member of society.  I have tried to alleviate these issues over multiple years through a number of out-patient procedures, some of which have only recently been approved for citizens in the U.S., steroid shots, various pain relief medications, physical therapy, alpha-stim wave products and the list goes on.

I saw all this not to complain but to just indicate that many avenues need to be explored and researched as to risk vs. benefit in addressing a problem so we can pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Declaration of Independence made this clear as a goal and what was relevant over two hundred years ago and counting should still be relevant for today.  We are all different and all face different hurdles in life and this just is one of mine.

Of all the different approaches and remedies I have tried in my quest to be the best human being I can possibly be, which for me includes running my own successful business and being a good husband to my wife at the top of this list, I must say that Kratom has provided the largest risk vs. benefit return to the positive side for me to date.  The pain relief I have received through Kratom as well as the additional health benefits in terms of antioxidants that are so plentiful in its leaves have added so much to my life experience and my ability to stay on my feet and to be a productive citizen.

Like so many others, I understand that Kratom is now under consideration for becoming illegal through Federal Law and this makes me very concerned as a recipient of its many benefits.  I believe that our government should focus its attention and energies on finding solutions to problems that they created in the first place and thus better understand than to focus on banning natural substances from the Earth that they did not create and thus have no right to restrict.

I will not get into all of the silly and unsubstantiated reasons that the government is giving as reasons for banning Kratom as this is already well-documented.  In addition,  I will not speculate on other non-scientific or non-medical reasons why they seek to limit its use and application, which should already be transparently obvious.

We should however in my opinion, focus on the hundreds of years of Kratom use in the Asian Pacific Countries as a foundation towards learning more about how Kratom can become a powerful solution in addressing and resolving the Heroin/Fentanyl crisis in America.  This experience can also serve towards providing more natural and non-toxic remedies to aid in the management of chronic pain for millions of Americans who are looking for such alternatives, and who seem to be secondary in this equation based on actions taken to date by the Government to restrict or eliminate potential pathways to managing their pain through existing resources.

At the end of the day, chronic and non-chronic pain sufferers alike should be very wary of any such moves by the government towards  banning any natural, non-man-made substance such as Kratom that allows Americans to exercise their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Such ill-fated and ill-judged exercises can and will lead to further erosions of such freedoms.

In conclusion, it is truly my firm hope that this and other testimonials will help spread the necessary and crucial to understand human experience with Kratom as part of the decision-making process so that others will benefit from its potential to improve as well as save some lives.  A decision to ban Kratom will only lead to a continuation of the same problems and most likely increase them for millions of Americans at risk.

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