No naturally occuring plant should be illegal – Kratom saved me from death

Nov 2017

I found out about kratom after being told by my specialist GI that he wanted to have surgeons rip out my entire colon permanently due to crohns / ulcerative colitis aka ibd. This was told to me by the entire staff of my local well recognized hospital in March 2017.

I absolutely refused and cut off all ties to him and the entire hospital and stopped all the horrible drugs they had given me that same day. I swore to myself I would go to the death to find a natural cure for myself after 10 years of suffering under “doctor’s orders” and their “medical / pharma / mutilation surgery” route which did nothing to help my health but further damage it with unbelievable side effects I could write a long essay about.

So even though all these doctors threw their torture phrases of cancer and death into my mind if I refuse their mutilation I cursed them all went on my journey of research starting April 2017 and never looked back even if I ended up being wrong in the end. Thing is I wasn’t wrong.

Within only 2 weeks of researching, I came across nutritional based research based on studies where I changed to a 95% vegan (non dairy vegetarian) diet, this helped start giving me hope but was not enough.

I then continued the diet but found out about kratom. I did my research since I found various contradictory claims and articles which seemed to have an agenda on both sides. After finding various reviews from people who appeared to have no conflict of interest and were not selling kratom, I decided to purchase some from a reputable vendor who had many recommendations. If what I am about to say next sounds insane, I would have believed the same way years ago when I was still under the brainwashing of how our culture works especially when it relates to “alternative natural remedies” and how anyone who uses them or recommends them are labelled as “quacks” and “dangerous”.

I lie not when I tell you that with taking only a teaspoon of kratom in some iced tea every morning within 2 weeks of starting to do so my 10+ years of 24/7 diarrhea with about 30% blood started to get noticeably better, combined with basically ALL of my horrible intestinal pain, WENT AWAY and every day as long as I keep taking my small amount of kratom and staying on my 95% high fiber vegan diet, I can feel that the kratom is helping my colon to begin healing after 10 years of constant damage to the point the doctors wanted to have it permanently removed, because they literally believe nutrition has nothing to do with it and there is “no cure” for it either according to their claims.

I am not lying when I tell you I have never ever in my life come across a plant/vitamin/herb that has been this noticeably helpful to my personal health. In the summer of 2016 when still under the delusions of the drug and medical brainwashing I was literally very close to dying from a bowel perforation and colon pain that was so bad all I did was lie on the ground most days and nights unable to do anything except scream in pain at levels unimaginable to most any human being which would bring most people to suicide or literal insanity. Now I am better than I have been in 10 years. This only started happening in a major way since I started taking kratom about 3 months ago. I am taking NO DRUGS at all, NONE. Only kratom and diet changes, that is all.  Doctors will tell you this is not possible, they are merely repeating what their system commands them to, they are not willing to step outside what they are commanded by their system.

I have been taking about 1 teaspoon of kratom in about 5 strains every day for the last 3 months or so, changing the strain every day.  I have taken off a few days here and there with no bad side effects beyond what someone might have if they had been off coffee for a day if they are a regular coffee drinker.  Being that kratom is in the coffee family, and literally billions of people drink coffee every day and some for decades upon decades with no bad side effects to their health it makes sense that kratom would not damage me to miss a few days off it either. All it is is a leaf from a tree in Indonesia which is air or sun dried, then crushed and put in a bag for sale, the same way as any other herb people all over the world use every day in their food for taste and health.

I have recently read in the news falsified stories that kratom is dangerous and has caused deaths. If you research these claimed deaths in every instance other drugs were involved which caused the deaths, not kratom. It would be similar if you saw an article saying “coffee kills man”, when in reality he died of a meth overdose but had been drinking coffee in the last 24 hours as well as drinking alcohol, etc. etc.

No naturally occurring plant that I know of should be made illegal, especially kratom, this stuff has been chewed by the locals for hundreds if not thousands of years to help get them through their daily labor and also it has even been shown to help get people off hard (truly dangerous) drugs of various kinds.

Nothing I have said has any agenda except to share my own story and to say that I believe this plant is utterly amazing and as close to a miracle plant as I have ever come across in almost 50 years of my life. I believe this plant is what truly may save my life as it has clearly started my colon to heal which no doctor would believe is possible, and that is why they wished to have it permanently removed.  I am beyond grateful that I rejected their mutilation scenario and opened my mind to attempt to find hope in a natural alternative to what they wanted to do to me. I found it in kratom, and I hope you will too. And finally I hope the lies that are now being spread about it by the dea and fda will not win and that it will never be scheduled in any way, but will remain as free as parsley or cilantro for all to use as they wish without threat of confiscation or being made illegal.




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