Kratom = To live

I have one of the most painful conditions you can have Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Because of the gov’t not allowing PCPs to give “You might as well say nothing” because the PCPs  will not even give the 90 Arachnoiditis patients are forced to go to Pain Management who abuse us because they know epidurals and invasive procedures cause it. They are afraid to treat us with even the suggested things recommended medications that keep us from progressing! PCPs will not either. The Medical Marijuana does not help the pain! So as we progress we will die a torturous death do to no meds being given for progression. Kratom is keeping me alive so I can deal with the pain for now! I even have doctors tell me after years of not being diagnosed and then my specialist tells me they were misreading my MRI’s the new doctors because of their fears are telling me I do not have it! They all tell people well you will just will have to live with the pain! I would like them to have my pain and try to live with it! So Kratom has saved my live for now till it becomes illegal and then I will have no choice but to check out of this world like so many others. The Government has made a massive panic of no return and they turn their heads the other way like they don’t see the suicide count going up. They blame it on the epidemic! We are doomed! And this is 2019!

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