Controlled Substances Board-Roster for Palm Beach County

Englebert, Doug Chairperson DHS Designated Member N/A
Bloom, Alan Vice Chairperson Pharmacologist 5/1/2017
Bellay, Yvonne M. Secretary DATCP Designated Member N/A
LaDien, Franklin “Rocky” N/A Pharmacy Board Representative N/A
Larson, Gunnar L. N/A Psychiatrist 5/1/2016
Mitchell, Patrick N/A Attorney General Designee N/A
Pietz, Wendy M. N/A Dentistry Board Representative N/A
Westlake, Timothy W. N/A Medical Board Representative N/A
Vacant N/A Board of Nursing Representative N/A
* Board members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until their successor is confirmed by the Senate.

Last Updated: 7/28/2015


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