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Georgia – Kratom Blamed for Suicide

UPDATE October 29,2014: With the help of the Botanical Legal Defense and the speciosa community, kratom will remain LEGAL in Broward County, FL. Thank you all for making your voices heard and helping us to set a shining example last Tuesday.

Excerpt video of the Botanical Legal Defense representative and the official outcome of the hearing:

Full video here.

Material used in the county commission meeting:

*More information can be found on the Broward County Website as well.

News Reports on Broward County, FL Victory:

October 10, 2014: One of the battles kratom is facing is in Broward County, Florida, where kratom supporters are currently contacting commissioners and lawmakers in support of the herb. Here are some related articles so you can see exactly what’s happening –

Pre-Trial Articles


Paul Kemp’s take on the events can be seen here.

Here is a video of the first hearing which was continued to gather more information before making a decision.