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DEA withdraws plan to ban kratom

One of the more controversial bills filed in the Florida House this session, a proposed ban of constituent elements for kratom, saw a Florida Senate companion emerge Monday. Senate Bill 424 , filed by Democrat Darryl Rouson, mirrors the House bill….

Botanical Education Alliance – FL and NY Ban Updates

PinneyAssociates’ Scientific Abuse Potential Assessment of Kratom Finds Evidence of Public Health Benefit and Little Harm The DEA Withdraws Proposed Emergency Scheduling and Prohibition on Kratom, Allowing Consumers to Continue Lawful Use, Potential FDA Oversight, and Expanded Research

Kratom Use by Pets — Anecdotal Reports by Pet Lovers

PBS – Could kratom help treat opioid addiction?

PBS – What happens if kratom becomes illegal?

Oregon proposes a bill to study kratom which Sunsets January 2, 2019

4 failed attempts to ban kratom in Florida and Kristin Jacobs has proposed another bill attempt to ban kratom.

New Efforts to Ban Kratom in Florida and New York

Email list for New York General assembly. We oppose #00231

Kristin Jacobs: Kratom lobby ‘just like Hitler’

New York State – AN ACT to amend the general business law, the tax law and the alcoholic beverage control law, in relation to prohibiting the sale or distribution of kratom

Bill filed in Florida House to make Kratom a controlled substance

Florida HB183 – Florida and Kristen Jacobs again wants to schedule 1 kratom and its alkaloids

Withdrawal of Notice of Intent to Temporarily Place Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine Into Schedule I


McShin Foundation in Richmond Va. holds a kratom panel meeting to discuss the benefits of kratom.



West Virginia HB2565 – Bill is amended and kratom is removed.

Illinois kratom amendment – The kratom control act was amended to just being called kratom control act, the word THE was removed from the title


Mitragyna Speciosa White Vein Borneo

“Evaluation of ion mobility spectrometry for the detection of mitragynine in kratom products”

Lance Armstrong The Forward Podcast

Kratom: A weapon against drug addiction or dangerous alternative?

Kratom and oxycodone

Kratom Educational Forum

Huffington Post- DEA Asked Public To Comment On Its Proposed Kratom Ban And 99 Percent Opposed It


Ohio Gov. John Kasich Limits Opioid Prescriptions to Just Seven Days

Can Legal Marijuana Solve the Opioid Crisis? Medical Pot States See Decrease in Painkiller Abuse

Florida House subcommittees conclude their work for the 2017 session this week and HB183 to ban kratom will not be considered.

AHPA NDI Database shows 15 of 59 most recent NDI notifications acknowledged by FDA without objection

Why Would Regulators Ban An Herbal Treatment For Recovering Opioid Addicts?

How the opioid epidemic became America’s worst drug crisis ever, in 15 maps and charts

Why Banning Kratom is Not the Answer – Dr. Estevez – Botanical Education Alliance

Huffington Post – The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think


The Devil You Don’t Know

DEA- Clarification of the New Drug Code (7350) for Marijuana Extract

Kratom Addiction – The Truth about Kratom, Coffee, Sugar and Drugs of Abuse

Green Health Advocates: Has America Gone Kratom? CBD is Cool But Maybe More Trendy Competitors Exist

Paul Kemp of the AKA- Decision Time’s Drawing Near for Kratom Vendors


Botanical Educational Alliance’s Response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Safety Alert on Kratom

Maine – Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Maine considering adding Kratom to controlled substance list.

‘There’s no scientific basis for it’: Wisconsin may stop treating kratom like a dangerous drug

FDA Nominee Gottlieb Said He’s Committed to Enforcing DSHEA – Natural Products Insider

Opioid epidemic may be underestimated, CDC report says

Strict limits on opioid prescribing risk the ‘inhumane treatment’ of pain patients

This Should Scare You More Than Terrorism: The Opioid Epidemic

See where people have died from drug overdoses in Broward

The Folly of the DEA’s War on Kratom

CDC: Painkillers No Longer Driving Opioid Epidemic – Pain News Network

The Intriguing Therapeutic Potential of a Little-Known Plant From Southeast Asia



Health Advance Inc. – Polyoxyfen Vs. Oxycodone: Could Kratom End Opiates Addiction?

AKA – UPDATE on meeting with Congressman Mark Pocan from our lobbyist, Mac Haddow:

WKRN Nashville Kratom Scare Story Sourced From Scientology Propaganda [Opinion]

Tennessee man arrested selling kratom for medicinal use

Gottlieb confirmed as FDA chief

Patterns of Kratom use and health impact in the US − Results from an online survey

Gov. Scott declares public health emergency over opioid crisis

Chris Bell: Kratom Is the Cure for the Opioid Epidemic A plant called kratom could be the cure for the opioid epidemic, but the DEA wants to ban

UPDATE ON MAINE – American Kratom Association

Maine legislature could make controversial drug Kratom illegal

In Virginia’s opioid epidemic, this drug is the top killer


The American Kratom Association needs your help to protect kratom.

AHPA Guidance Policies

DMT: The Spirit Molecule ESPD 50: Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs – Day 2, Session 1

Kratom: A Product of Use, Not a Product of Abuse

Kratom with a side of cheesesteak: A sub shop’s vending machine draws customers desperate to kick opioids

Christopher Miller Plans To Challenge Legality of Kratom in Tennessee


SITSA Petition

How technology can help government fight the war on drugs

Op-ed: DEA position statement on CBD, hemp and Farm Bill “reckless and illegal”

The science behind kratom’s strange leaves

Kratom: Antidote or adversary in Canada’s opioid crisis?

Kratom Vending Machines Are Making Waves In Arizona

Kratom: The Solution to Opioid Addiction? Why Does the FDA Want it Banned?


Botanical Educational Alliance’s Response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Safety Alert on Kratom

Fake News – We must contact the author’s of these damaging fake news counts and sett them straight. West Virginia is in dire need of help.

American Kratom Association

Deputies say DUI driver carrying new ‘Kratom’ drug- written by|(217) 421-7977

What is Kratom? A Brief History by lordsandcate

Operation Choke Point is ended. It was an initiative which made it difficult for businesses to get processors for credit cards and banks.


American Kratom Association’s Supporter Spotlights

Botanical Education Alliance send’s over 2000 samples to politicians, law enforcement and media representatives

FDA Declares CBD ‘Beneficial,’ Wants Your Input ASAP

Survey: 80% of Respondents Report Success with CBD Therapies


The man who thought it wise to try to schedule 1 kratom DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg resigns this week. America is now a safer place.

Head of DEA Chuck Rosenberg, who thought it wise to ban kratom at the peak of the opioid epidemic, will resign this week.

vice news – Vancouver’s Pop-Up Overdose Prevention Site Is Now Giving Users Free Weed


The Fight to Keep Kratom Legal: Interview With an Industry Leader & Latest News

Kratom Use by Pets — Anecdotal Reports by Pet Lovers

CNN -The herb that could be the antidote 1:27 sec into the clip

CNN – Can this plant help fix the opioid crisis?

WEB MD- Turning to Kratom For Opioid Withdrawal

Can the kratom plant help fix the opioid crisis?

Rhode Island Schedules Kratom

NY State Senate Bill S6924

Critics slam reports linking controversial supplement Kratom to recent deaths

Subject: Web site for drug interactions Kratom

A Leaf of Faith Trailer

Please VOTE Nay to New York Assembly Bill A231

Analysis: Reports Of New York And Florida “Kratom Deaths” Are Unsupported By Facts

Analysis of Two Deaths Reportedly Associated with Kratom

Lab Forgeries and Authentication from Wonderlabs

Illinois- attempting to amend the kratom control act to include adults. This will prohibit kratom for all ages in Illinois if passed.

How can kratom vendors become FDA compliant ?


Inside the War on Kratom in Denver and Beyond

Dietary supplement “ingredients” prohibited by the Department of Defense

United States Botanical Gardens Washington DC on Capital Hill in the medicinal herbs exhibit – Look what we found

New York introduces bill to restrict to age 18 and older

Kratom Psychosis or Reefer Madness Redux?

A War on Kratom: Who Uses the Herb & Why They Refuse to Back Down

Kratom: A self-medication assisted treatment for opioids?

If Kratom Sales Are Banned, Advocate Says, Users May Go Back to Heroin

Locals react to FDA advisory citing kratom dangers

Botanical Education Alliance’s Statement in Response to FDA’s Health Advisory Concerning Kratom

Kratom: Should the Herb Blamed for Numerous Deaths Be Banned?

FDA, DEA running massive conspiracy to criminalize Kratom in order to protect Big Pharma’s obscene opioid profits

Benefits of Kratom Are More Legitimate Than the Fears

KRATOM Catastrophe (Can’t spell ‘FRAUD’ without F-D-A)

DEA Has the Wrong Priorities…and Kratom is the Wrong Target

A local look at kratom, the opioid-like botanical under fire from the FDA

Local kratom users question official warnings about related deaths

Analysis: Reports Of New York And Florida “Kratom Deaths” Are Unsupported By Facts

Everyone comment on FDA’s page

Scott Gottlieb – Dollars for docs.

FDA clears electronic earpiece to block opioid withdrawal symptoms

Inside Health Policy

The DEA Has The Wrong Priorities And Kratom Is The Wrong Target

Kratom craze: Could herb curb prescription pain pill addiction?

Kratom is safe for consumers: DEA got it wrong once; let’s not repeat mistake (commentary)

As hundreds of thousands die from drugs it approved, the FDA attacks an herbal supplement

Feds Prepare For A New War On Kratom, An Herbal Drug Many Swear By

Kratom has ‘deadly risks,’ FDA warns

Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. on FDA advisory about deadly risks associated with kratom

Supplement to ‘cure’ heroin addiction could be addicting too

Could Kratom Be a Weapon in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction?

City Board 11-7: Controversial Kratom again takes the spotlight

Hemp Lawyer: FDA CBD Warning Letters Shouldn’t Alarm Industry


Potentially dangerous drug? kratom, offered over-the-counter in SWFLKratom, offered over-the-counter in SWFL

Jared Polis Asks FDA to Lift Public-Health Warning on Kratom

Industrial Chemicals, LLC Announces New NDIN-Compliant Product, Mitrasafe(TM) – A Kratom Based Dietary Ingredient

Bipartisan Support For Kratom In Congress

Congress Dear Colleague Letter Calls For FDA To Retract Kratom Advisory

New man

Supplement Trade Groups Unite Against Opioid Marketing Claims

Press Release: Industry Coalition Reminds Consumers, Retailers, and Product Marketers that Dietary Supplements Cannot Claim to Treat Opioid Addiction

The Pocan/LoBiondo letter will not close until after the new year.

Polis asks FDA to lift public health warning on Kratom

Ancient drug might be partial solution to opioid crisis: UBCO

Forsaking pharmaceuticals: Overlooked options offer optimism

Kratom use and mental health: A systematic review

Brat/Polis Dear Colleague Letter Final – 17 Signatures And Will Be Sent To The FDA

Wednesday update from the office of Dave Brat

Ask Your Representative to Support the Pocan/LoBiondo Letter To Make Sure the DEA Reviews the Science on Kratom

If Kratom Sales Are Banned, Advocate Says, Users May Go Back to Heroin

Kratom: An old plant sparks a new challenge

Is Kratom a Deadly Drug or a Life-Saving Medicine?

Only 1 Congressman DeFazio of Oregon has signed the Dear Colleague letter from Brat/Polis as of now Friday December 15th 3:49 pm

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