UPDATE ON MAINE – American Kratom Association

UPDATE ON MAINE Susan Ash and American Kratom Association

Reposting since the situation is quite urgent and and it looks like there will be a public hearing for this bill on Weds, May 10. Not 100% confirmed yet. Working on that now. I will be in attendance, we’ve engaged a lobbyist and hope we can get a good crew to Augusta to give powerful testimonies

ATTENTION MAINE RESIDENTS. Please use the following list of committee members to e-mail a quick testimony and a request that they remove mitragynine from the list to be added as a schedule W (the highest schedule) controlled drug. Reference LD 1546. Don’f forget to tell your age and occupation and that you live in ME. And yes, if you vacation or travel in ME, your testimonies are also welcome. I’ll put the list in comments so you can copy/paste.

Kimberley.Rosen@legislature.maine.gov, Scott.Cyrway@legislature.maine.gov, William.Diamond@legislature.maine.gov, Charlotte.Warren@legislature.maine.gov, Patrick.Corey@legislature.maine.gov, Karen.Gerrish@legislature.maine.gov, Martin.Grohman@legislature.maine.gov, Skip.Herrick@legislature.maine.gov, Don.Marean@legislature.maine.gov, Catherine.Nadeau@legislature.maine.gov, Rachel.talbotross@Legislature.Maine.gov, Joseph.Klimkiewicz@Legislature.Maine.gov, Alexandra.Avore@legislature.maine.gov, Suzanne.Voynik@legislature.maine.gov, Jane.Orbeton@legislature.maine.gov, Daniel.Tartakoff@legislature.maine.gov

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