no more struggle

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression. I was put on a couple of prescriptions at first but then those prescriptions caused side effects so severe I needed more prescriptions to deal with the side effects. I could barely work part time let alone deal with my family responsibilities. Soon my pain meds had to be stronger because I was still in constant pain. And even though I was on antidepressants I was still depressed and even suicidal. I needed to get out from under the prescription drug madness. I tried other herbal remedies but those didn’t work. With a lot of research I finally found kratom. What a wonderful plant. I am pain free now and no longer depressed or suicidal. I have never had any dire side effects from using this plant other than the 1 time I took too much and threw up. No hallucinations, psychotic episodes, no muscle spasms or blurred vision or anything like I had on the prescription drugs I was on. I can now work full time and take care of my home and family and pets. I have energy during my waking hours and sleep well during my sleeping hours (I work overnights currently). I also help with fixing my house as well (we had a house fire 18 months ago). Even on the prescription medications that were supposed to help eleviate my symptoms I couldn’t do even 1\4 of what I do now. I feel that kratom has saved me from addiction to prescription medications. It has saved my life. Thank you.

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