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I was born with an an extra vertabrae in my lower spine which has caused constant pain in my life. Doctors have all told me that surgery was not a good option due to the irregularity and may cause more permanent damage. I was living in Broward County Florida where it is very common to be overprescribed dangerous pain medications. Due to the seriousness of my abnormality I was prescribed oxycontin, roxicodone xanax, and muscle relaxers all to be taken together.Prior to this I was a very successful business owner and in my early 20’s had already sold my first company and was life was doing great. Due to my addictive nature I immediately became fully and physically addicted to these pills and soon my life was in a wreck.The doctors kept raising my prescription despite my obvious dependency to the medication. The quality of people I spent my time with on the search for more medication found me surrounded by lifeless vultures. I found myself spending my days and my time in the hunt for more pills. I could not plan a trip or go anywhere without my medication because I was terrified to go into withdrawals. My doctors just kept prescribing me more and more. It took me 12 years to come to realize my situation. My business was gone and my so was my wealth. My wife and I had a baby girl who was turning two and I was a mess. My f days were spent chasing pills and trying to avoid being sick. It had been over a decade since I had been even a few hours without my prescribed medication. I was not myself and everyone around me knew it. I agreed to go into treatment to try to free myself from these chains. This was suggested by my wife and family and was not an option. I was about to loose the few things in my life that were still any good for me. Rehab was very helpful but was not able to keep me from going straight back to the pills the second I got out. The 6 weeks while I was there I had pills stashed in my car and I lied to myself and everyone in the rehab about my desire to be clean. The pills had absolute control over my mind and I was not in control. After failing sobriety the first day out I went back to the rehab center and begged for another chance. In the second round at rehab I lost my mind due to the most serious withdrawals they had ever experienced. The hospital did not know how to deal with someone as addicted as i was and sent me to a lock down mental institution where my madness went out of control. My family did not think I would ever regain my sanity and were making possible long term arrangements for me to spend the rest of my days in and out of mental institution. In my desperation I turned to my spiritual side and asked the universe to let me achieve greatness once again. It was now clear to me that I had to get my mind together and clear from drugs to know what was next for me. I was able to keep clean this time around and soon after leaving rehab I started making friends in the sober world. One of my new friends and I were talking about our lives and he asked me if I had ever heard of kratom. He had told me that he did not know much about it but warned me it may not be good for someone with as an addictive nature as myself. I began to research what this new thing kratom was and surprised to find out that many people used this in replacement of pain medication and others used it to free themselves from addiction. So I went online and found a supplier who could send me some kratom to try. When I first tried it it had no effect on me and I was afraid that I may not be doing it right. I again tried again the next day and for the first time in 12 years I felt alive again. Not high nd not thinking about my dilemma just happy. This was the beginning of my relationship with kratom. I found that it was difficult to measure and one had to eat a bunch of powder that did not have a good taste. So being a business minded person I wrapped my head around this and spoke with some friends and we came up with an idea to concentrate it and make it more easy for others to try. I had tried sharing my new found friend with some others but when you tell someone they had to take 6 to 8 pills most people did not want to try. This was 2010 and i was now free from all prescribed medication and kratom had become a business for me. Lucky was the way I felt so that is what I named my brand. We began experimenting with various ways to administer the kratom and the best delivery methods to market. I was on the fast track back to myself and my successful life as an entrepreneur. My addictive nature was still in control although and I was drinking and smoking cigarettes which had become my new vices. After about 2 years I finally decided that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol were something that I felt I have outgrown. I now give most of the credit for my health and happiness to kratom. I had no idea that it could help me with my addictive patterns. I have been able to quit all my addictive behaviors without any real effort. With kratom in my life I found no desire to be addicted to anything not even the kratom. I have used it safely for years without having any physical addiction to it at all. In fact I have stopped for weeks at a time and literally have no side effects other than a little less energy. I am an expert on addiction physical and mental and I can tell you that kratom is a miracle for people like myself. I am now 5 years free from pills, two years free from alcoholism and two years free from cigarettes. I have no habits other than hard work and family time. I now spend my time sharing my story and my beliefs with others who struggle with life and addiction. I have a company which markets kratom on many levels. We are not able to make claims of its benefits and marketing it has become problematic at times. It seems as if there is some dark force that gets the media and the law makers to present absurd misinformation without doing any research and no care for whom it damages. Kratom has been able to help so many people people for so many ailments. Pain, PTSD, addiction, energy, chromes disease, lyme disease, ADD, shyness, these are all some of the things that on a daily basis I am able to help people with. With some other members of the kratom community we have come together and formed an advocacy group to ensure the availability and legality with kratom and we now spend much of our time spreading the truth about this plant and trying to dispel the lies and misconceptions that kratom is a harmful dangerous drug. Without kratom I would be very fearful for my sobriety and the happiness and health of my family. I give most of the credit for the success and happiness in my life to kratom. I do not think I would be alive if I had not found this amazing herb and I urge you to research it yourself and find the truth before making something that this nation needs very bad illegal and jailing people for trying to free themselves from whatever their ailment might be.

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