A Compilation of Testimonials

I’ve been researching this leaf for about 4-5 years now. I’ve watched the internet marketplace go from infancy to what it is now. I’ve also seen the marketplace around where I live slowly grow, which is where my story heading begins to make sense. First off, where do I live? I live in a state that is on pills at a percentage way above the national average. At a local store that sells Kratom, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to educate the proprietors and many patrons about it from its origin, chemistry, effects, and usage. My semi-periodic patronage has also allowed me collect testimonials from many, many people there. I’ve met quite a few (over 2 dozen) that were happy to say that they finally kicked their opioid addiction with kratom. They finally quite opioids, and used kratom to ease their pain. And most of them afterwards, slid off of Kratom without adverse side-effects. I’ve seen people struggle with methadone and other treatments almost as hard as their original addiction. I also see people abusing these “fixes” as bad as they’re abusing opioids. I’ve met a middle-aged woman who just had knee-surgery and was prescribed opioids, but they made her terribly sick. She told me that her doctor had brought the idea of kratom to her as a “maybe this might help.” She said she tried it, and at very low doses, it helped her knee-pain tremendously, did not make her sick, and did not make her loopy. Almost every one of the people that I met were genuine upstanding members of society. These weren’t drug fiends. In this state that is filled with pills, the fact that something is helping some of these people is a blessing. Watch the documentary Oxyana and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like at its worst. Not only helping them get off pills, but allowing people in pain a route that almost certainly won’t leave them in a living hell. It would be terrible if we allowed irrational, incorrect fear to get in the way of more research. I can’t say it’s a miracle. All I can say is that I’ve met too many people that say they have been helped by it. That has to count for something. This state needs all the help that it can get.

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