The Struggle, It’s Over.

I am 48 years old. I found kratom in 2010 while driving aimlessly. This time it happen to be 1000 miles from my home . I was THAT confused , depressed and just about at the end of my rope. I had met a wounded soldier that lost his leg in Afghanistan fighting for our country, the home of the free and the brave. I have had restless leg syndrome since I was 6 years old. My mother took me to dr.;s and all they could tell her was to limit my play , so she did. I couldn\\\’t play with the other kids because if I played to hard I would not rest for many nights . I was tired all the time so therefor I couldn\\\’t concentrate in school. It was hard for me to learn. I was held back in second grade , 7th grade , 9th grade , twice. By that time I had giving up and just quit. When I was 18 was in a bad car accident and I was put on pain medications. I was able to sleep , no restless legs. But eventually my injuries healed and I was taken off the pain medications and my life began to unravel , restless leg syndrome was back , and it was 10 times the monster it was as a child. So I self medicated with whatever I could . I was drinking everyday and was functioning but not without trouble, I am allergic to alcohol, it caused me nothing but trouble. I then found ways to get pain medications and I maintained , was able to sleep at night. But i could not get a permanent prescription because\\\” I looked fine \\\”. I was 24 and I was now a mother of two beautiful boys. I could not be the mother that they needed and deserved because I was always sick , always putting holidays off , birthday parties never happened for them, sports they wanted to join but I never could find the time to set aside for any of these things I was too busy looking for a Dr. or something to help me feel better. I ended up finding relief on the street corner buying heroin from strangers. I lied that life for three long miserable years. I eventually checked into 8 rehabs trying to stop the madness , trying to convince myself , with the help of a \\\”team of Dr.s \\\” many different medications, meetings ,counseling , following instructions to the letter . The last rehab I was in I stayed there for 8 months . I left there with knowledge about many things I had lost along the way , and a handful of medications , none of which helped my restless leg syndrome at all. So I found another Dr that diagnosed me with arthritis in my upper body , fibromyalgia , depression, and restless leg syndrome. He agreed to medicate me with opiate therapy, and Lyricia , and Cymbalta. Everything I worked so hard at to get off of not to mention while I was institutionalized and made to feel I was nothing more than drug addict . 2008 was when I checked out of the program and tried everything I was taught. I still was not right , I was still in pain , I was depressed and I STILL had restless leg syndrome . It was 2010 when I met that soldier that explained to me what kratom was , how to purchase it and what it did for him. I bought it , it worked , it changed my life . It has even changed the way I dress. I was lost my entire life. my mother, God rest her soul, could do nothing but watch her daughter self destruct , my sons missed out on so many things because I was absent , physically and mentally. I now have a new lease on life. I look forward to waking up , I look forward to peaceful , restful nights . I now tell everyone I know about this plant and how it has changed my life, because it is THAT good. I am not proud of the years I wasted trying to \\\”feel better\\\” . But I am proud of me today . Don\\\’t take the only thing away from me that has ever helped me feel like I am not different. I have two grandchildren with one on the way . I have a second chance at showing my boys who I wanted to be , but could not seem to get there because I was always sick. I use kratom 2 to 3 times a day and live happy, healthy and productive and have been for 5 years. Before kratom I couldn\\\’t do anything right two days in a row. But things are different today. I am better . Thank you for letting me share PART of my life with you. And please don\\\’t take my choice away . Kim Jerue .

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