Non addictive and beneficial.

I used to be addicted to opiates; specifically, heroin. After being “clean” for a few years I decided to try Kratom, based on what I had heard. I admit I tried it to see if I could get a “high”… I didn’t get high. It was nothing like opiates. However it gave me energy and stifled any cravings I had. I started to take it semi-regularly to ease some of my chronic health problems, particularly debilitating fatigue. I have been given every stimulant by my doctor for this fatigue, including amphetamines. Nothing helped… but Kratom did. I didn’t become addicted. In fact, I used it daily for almost 3 months straight until one day I ran out- and the next day I felt fine, normal. I had no desire to get more, no symptoms similar to opiate withdrawal whatsoever. Take it from someone who was addicted to opiates… this is not an opiate. This is not addicting. Thanks for reading.

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