Botanical Education Alliance – FL and NY Ban Updates

FL and NY Ban Updates

FL and New York Kratom Ban

In collaboration with vendors in Florida, the BEA has once again engaged with Anfield, a seasoned and exceptional lobbying firm.

They’ve worked tirelessly by our side to successfully defeat the Florida Kratom Bill in the last two previous sessions.

We are working with both vendors to engage a lobby firm in NY and our advisory board to stand by our mission to educate, advocate and take action for kratom as we ensure all of our scientific data is provided to government officials.

We also will be scheduling one on one meetings between our advisory board members and state representatives. All of our board members have experience in either addiction, law or medicine.

Remember to keep donating $5 or $10 so we can continue our lobbying efforts in pivotal situations like these!

Vendors if you have not yet renewed you’re membership please email to do so. We have a new tier of $2500 for those companies with less than $500,000 in annual sales.

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