Deputies say DUI driver carrying new ‘Kratom’ drug- written by|(217) 421-7977

MACON — Sheriff’s deputies said an intoxicated Macon driver with two previous driving under the influence convictions was arrested after multiple crashes Monday with a half-empty bottle of apple-flavored vodka in his car and a potent new drug called “Kratom.”

Lt. Jamie Belcher with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office referred the Herald & Review to, which described Kratom as a recreational drug from Southeast Asia. Narconon operates drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers worldwide, according to it website.

A sworn affidavit from the sheriff’s office said the 21-year-old driver had one empty packet of Kratom and another packet containing 15 capsules of the drug. Police said he failed field sobriety tests, his speech was slurred, his eyes bloodshot and he had trouble standing.

The affidavit Deputies found him after being called to North Front Street at 4 a.m., following reports of several damaged vehicles. A pickup truck had the silver hood of a car stuck into its back end.

Officers said they drove around and soon found the suspect driver on Shaw Street, where he was leaning against a silver Chevrolet Impala that was missing its hood.

The driver was jailed on preliminary charges that included his third offense of aggravated DUI, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, driving while license revoked and driving without insurance. Preliminary charges are subject to review by the state’s attorney’s office.|(217) 421-7977

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