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We’re primarily a botanical and dietary supplement testing lab, but with a focus on Kava Kava and exotic botanicals such as Akuamma, Kratom, Blue Lotus/Blue Lily, Kanna, Sinicuichi, Wild Dagga and many others.  This means that you can send us any legal material, and ask us to VERIFY its identity, IDENTIFY any key compounds, alkaloids, or other materials in it, we can QUANTIFY percentages of any of those compounds, and we can TEST for CONTAMINANTS or ADULTERANTS in your product.

If you want to know whether the product you are purchasing is actually what it claims to be, we can help.  If you want to know how much of a particular compound or alkaloid is in that product, we can help as well. Kava Kava is our specialty, as are other lesser-known and exotic botanicals, but we can test just about anything that can be tested.  If you want to make sure there’s nothing dangerous in your material, such as bacteria or heavy metal contaminants, we can find out for you as well.

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