Media Coverage 2023


Should St. Tammany council ban the sale of kratom supplements? This senator thinks so.

New age requirement, production regulations could be placed on kratom production and sales

Franklin Parish Police Jury Approves Motion to Ban Kratom From Retail Sale in the Parish


Indiana Kratom Update

Virginia Adopts First Kratom Regulations by Unanimous Vote

W.VA. senators consider bill to regulate Kratom, Delta 8, Delta 10

West Virginia Senators Discuss Making Kratom, Delta-8 & Delta-9 Schedule 1 Drugs

What’s kratom? Kansas lawmakers are weighing regulation of the herbal supplement

Lawmakers: Bill aims to ban Kratom in Georgia

Virginia Consumer Protection Act: Kratom

Georgia representatives attempting to ban Kratom in Georgia

Continued Push to Regulate Kratom in Florida


Lawmakers In Dozens Of States Are Weighing Bills To Regulate Or Ban Kratom

Virginia, West Virginia Open Markets to Kratom

Townsend’s kratom bill passes House in time for ‘Crossover Day’

Florida lawmakers want to regulate kratom.

Florida has Kratom on the list for the packed schedule on Session’s Eve


This bill would legalize kratom in RI. What is it and why is it illegal now?

National group applauds West Virginia’s passage of kratom regulations

Governor signs into Virginia law consumer legislation to protect kratom


Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Make Kratom Safer for Consumers

New Texas Law Regulates Kratom Products

Lawmakers to Consider Banning Kratom in Louisiana


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