Media Coverage 2023


Should St. Tammany council ban the sale of kratom supplements? This senator thinks so.

New age requirement, production regulations could be placed on kratom production and sales

Franklin Parish Police Jury Approves Motion to Ban Kratom From Retail Sale in the Parish


Indiana Kratom Update

Virginia Adopts First Kratom Regulations by Unanimous Vote

W.VA. senators consider bill to regulate Kratom, Delta 8, Delta 10

West Virginia Senators Discuss Making Kratom, Delta-8 & Delta-9 Schedule 1 Drugs

What’s kratom? Kansas lawmakers are weighing regulation of the herbal supplement

Lawmakers: Bill aims to ban Kratom in Georgia

Virginia Consumer Protection Act: Kratom

Georgia representatives attempting to ban Kratom in Georgia

Continued Push to Regulate Kratom in Florida


Lawmakers In Dozens Of States Are Weighing Bills To Regulate Or Ban Kratom

Virginia, West Virginia Open Markets to Kratom

Townsend’s kratom bill passes House in time for ‘Crossover Day’

Florida lawmakers want to regulate kratom.

Florida has Kratom on the list for the packed schedule on Session’s Eve


This bill would legalize kratom in RI. What is it and why is it illegal now?

National group applauds West Virginia’s passage of kratom regulations

Governor signs into Virginia law consumer legislation to protect kratom


Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Make Kratom Safer for Consumers

New Texas Law Regulates Kratom Products

Lawmakers to Consider Banning Kratom in Louisiana

How Can Kratom Maximize Your Athletic Performance This 2023?

FDA warns about herbal drug kratom, used for pain relief: What to know about side effects


Florida has become the latest state to enact Kratom Consumer Protection Legislation!

Kratom users advocate for more research on substance

RI House votes to legalize herbal substance kratom – what to know

Kratom Science Update: Evidence-Based Facts

Eight-Factor Analysis of Kratom by School of Pharmacy, Concordia University Wisconsin

How Can Kratom Maximize Your Athletic Performance This 2023?

Stymied by the state, upstart kava bar in the Fan readies legal fight with VDH

Inside the Kratom community: energy, rehab found in controversial herb


Bill to Regulate CBD and Kratom Products Passes North Carolina House Committee

Reno County warns for deaths linked to Kratom after recent overdoses

RFK Jr. Vows to Legalize Psychedelics and Marijuana, Allocating Revenue for Healing Centers Supporting Addiction Recovery

Kratom use is growing. 11 things to know about the substance some states made illegal

Suboxone or Kratom?

Feds Warn Kratom Vendors About Marketing for Addiction Treatment

Reader: Kava Is All About Community! Give the People a Chance!

Suited to a Tea: Could Colorado Become the Next Kava Capital?

Florida limits sale of kratom to those over age 21

Thailand: Thailand’s New Legal Framework For Kratom

Commentary: Kava is legal and safe. So why is the health department denying my business?

Government not planning to ban kratom and HHC in Czech

Ban, ignore or regulate? Kratom and the Whac-A-Mole world of soft drugs

Podcast: What the F*%** is Kratom?

“Let’s prevent the feds from jeopardizing veteran addiction recovery”

American Medical Association Promotes Psychedelics Research, Opposes Kratom Criminalization And Affirms Support For Marijuana Drug Testing

This is what the New York Times Writes: “What You Should Know About the Potential Risks of Kratom”

American Kratom Association Issues Consumer Advisory on FDA’s Failure to Properly Regulate Kratom that Result in Product Liability Lawsuits

Biosynthesis of kratom opioids (Mitragynine, an analgesic alkaloid from the plant Mitragyna speciosa (kratom), offers a safer alternative to clinical opioids such as morphine, owing to its more favorable side effect profile. Although kratom has been traditionally used for stimulation and pain management in Southeast Asia, the mitragynine biosynthesis pathway has remained elusive.)


7 Reasons Why Kratom Is Becoming Popular In The Music Industry

Herbal Supplement Kratom Is Bought and Sold in a ‘Wild West’ Marketplace

Shaina Brown Arrest & Unconstitutional Confinement

Consumer Protection Group Advocates for Responsible Legislation of Kratom

Kratom for Chronic Pain?

National Kratom Association pressed to keep access safe and legal for American consumers

American Kratom Association Issues Consumer Advisory, Urges FDA to Regulate Kratom in Wake of Product Liability Lawsuits

Kratom Saves Lives Testimonial

Kratom Testimony

Kratom Saves Lives. David D. Testimonial

Why Protect Kratom: Watch Michael’s story and learn Testimonial

Govt seeks better understanding of ketum as commodity, says minister

Thai Kratom to tap Asean herbal market

Fadillah: M’sia seeks thorough understanding on kratom for lucrative commodity industry

Health Innovations Driving Thai Kratom’s Expansion in the ASEAN Market

Kava and Kratom: A Story of How Two Plants Became Entangled in the Extremes of Western Culture and Policy


American Kratom Association Issues Consumer Advisory, Urges FDA to Regulate Kratom

Former Trump Drug Czar Says Top Federal Officials Stopped FDA From Scheduling Kratom Amid Concern About Agency’s ‘Bias’

Revolutionizing Thai Kratom Innovations for the Global Stage

Kratom Stories

Flavored kava floated in bid to increase non-Pacific popularity

New study to explore kava as a treatment for PTSD

Kava based therapy for psychological trauma reaches clinical trial milestone

Fiji’s export value to US reaches over $400 million

Kratom supporters urge FDA to regulate industry to protect consumers.

American Kratom Association Q&R Webinar


Former soldier researches kava use for PTSD

Proposed Bill Would Legalize Kratom in Wisconsin

Greater levels of exports for Fiji: Kamikamica (Worldwide News on Kava)

‘Love, sobriety and science’: Bula Basement’s business booming after FDA-regulations battle

The kava business is booming – can the money stay in Pacific pockets?

The Kratom industry wants the FDA to send down some regulation

GOP lawmakers renew push to legalize kratom in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Hearing on AB393 to Remove Kratom Ban

Kava bars in Tampa Bay helping customers alleviate stress without the side effects of alcohol


Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah has Federal bill 3039 titled a bill to protect access to Kratom.

Duke Law video explains scientifically, legally, and ethically why the FDA is WRONG about kratom. The presenter has a MD and JD.



Indonesian President Widodo Met With President Biden and Promoted the Free Trade of Kratom

Yeast Accelerates Discovery: Unlocking Medicinal Compounds In Plants (KRATOM)


ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program: Jiaherb Adopts Kava (Whole Foods Magazine)

Please enjoy the trailer for upcoming documentary ” Daun Harapan ” (A Leaf of Hope)!

The American Kratom Association Calls Out the FDA for Gaslighting the Tampa Bay Times Investigative Team

How a Brutal Jail Death Exposes Arkansas’ ‘Punishing’ Justice System

Tampa Bay Times “Deadly Dose” Stories on Kratom were Bought and Paid For By Trial Attorneys – It’s Shameless Checkbook Journalism


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