Franklin Parish Police Jury Approves Motion to Ban Kratom From Retail Sale in the Parish

FRANKLIN PARISH, La. — The Franklin Parish Police Jury passed an ordinance to ban the sale of Kratom in the parish.

The police jury unanimously voted during a public meeting on Tuesday, December 20.

President of the Franklin Police Jury, James Harris, said something needs to be done about the negative impact of Kratom in the community, and the addiction issues.

“I’ve been to hospital wars, I’ve been to acid units, where they are hooked to life support from overdoses, and it hurts. And anything that I can do to help end that and to have any mother’s child. I’m 100 percent for it. and I find the sheriff and I find these guys for bringing this problem to us.”

The motion was proposed by Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb. He said the danger of this drug has led young people to die from overdose.

“And these things are highly addictive, and they are hurting people. We are hearing from our people saying, this is not a good thing. People are dying from this. People are getting highly addicted in association to this. People that think just because they can buy these things over the counter, think it is okay.”

This new policy would also prohibit local stores from selling them within the parish.

“There is money being made from this product. But again, we don’t have any business owner come in and say ‘you know, I want to keep doing this.’ Not the first opposition whatsoever.”

Sheriff Cobb said they will hold another meeting and wait until the new policy is put on the books before it is officially banned.