Health Innovations Driving Thai Kratom’s Expansion in the ASEAN Market

PUBLISHED : 16 AUG 2023 AT 09:50 1


In recent years, the ASEAN market has witnessed the rapid expansion of Thai

Kratom, spurred by groundbreaking health innovations. Spearheaded by Dr.

Kratom Bio, this initiative has underscored the immense potential of the Thai

herbal industry within the region.

Dr. Kratom Bio unveiled these pioneering innovations in Malaysia, effectively

showcasing the transformative capabilities of Kratom. The grand stage for this

revelation was the “4th International Integrative Medicine Conference &

Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress,” held at the prestigious Majestic Hotel

Kuala Lumpur on August 12th and 13th, 2023. This remarkable event marked

the harmonious collaboration between Dr. Kratom Bio, the Malaysian

government, eminent scientists, leading universities, and the Association of

Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM).

The genesis of Dr. Kratom Bio can be traced back to its inception under the

umbrella of Dr. CBD, a company founded by experts proficient in cannabis

and Kratom extraction and production. In collaboration with Mr. Duncan

MacRae, the visionary behind and a pioneering Mitragynine

extraction expert, Kratomade products were introduced. This visionary

endeavour aimed at crafting unparalleled goods designed to elevate

consumer well-being by merging medical-grade Kratom extracts with

traditional Thai healing wisdom. The ultimate goal is to share this

amalgamation of knowledge and resources on a global scale.


The distinguished presence of Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato’

Sri Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusef, graced the international scientific conference

as its Chairman. During the inaugural ceremony, he eloquently stated:

“I am delighted to witness the remarkable strides taken in promoting

Integrative Medicine as a holistic approach to comprehensive health and

wellness. The Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress, a vital component of the 4th

International Integrative Medicine Conference, provides Malaysia a golden

opportunity to showcase its leadership in the realm of Medical Kratom.”


The Malaysian government, acutely aware of the medicinal potential

harboured by Kratom plants, is actively exploring controlled cultivation and

production avenues. With a staggering estimated global user base of 230

million, the Kratom industry’s potential to achieve a valuation of USD 16

billion by 2025 is substantial. This juncture presents Malaysian farmers with a

transformative prospect for their livelihoods.

The conference serves as a forum to strategize the Kratom Industry’s

positioning, ensuring Malaysia capitalises on the benefits of this lucrative cash

crop. By convening international experts, the Ministry of Plantation and

Commodities can glean insights to propel Malaysia into a pioneering role

within the industry. The principles of Integrative Medicine beautifully align

with the ‘Malaysia Madani’ concept, rooted in sustainability, prosperity,

innovation, respect, trust, and compassion. The Deputy Prime Minister

expressed optimism that the conference would foster mature discussions and

pave the way for effective actions that contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

The Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM), a constant

trailblazer in the latest advancements, was lauded for hosting such intellectual

discourse, which fortifies an evidence-based foundation for growth.

In conclusion, the successful launch of the Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress

and the 4th International Integrative Medicine Conference served as a

testament to AIMM’s and the organisers’ dedication in showcasing Malaysia’s

excellence and accomplishments on a global stage.

Dr. Kratom Bio’s ambitious mission involves expanding its Kratom business

throughout the ASEAN region. This intention was publicly declared during

the aforementioned scientific conference in Malaysia. Mr. Pornchai

Padmindra, CEO & Founder of Dr. CBD and Dr. Kratom Bio, passionately


“Our ongoing expansion of the kratom business for health-focused objectives

within the ASEAN realm commences with Thailand and Malaysia. We

recognise our shared historical and resource-based connections with

Malaysia. Dr. Kratom Bio’s collaborative efforts extend closely to the Malaysian

government and other stakeholders, encompassing scientific collectives,

universities, and cultivators.

Central to our ethos is the pride we derive from our trailblazing innovations,

enriching the populace with secure healthcare alternatives and solutions.

Notably, Dr. Kratom Bio stands as the pioneering Asian entity to forge deep

partnerships with distinguished professionals and

leaders across Europe and America. Noteworthy among these collaborations

is our alliance with the globally acclaimed figure, Mr. Duncan MacRae. This

collective thrust fuels our pursuits in conceiving, researching, and

implementing healthcare solutions tethered to kratom extracts, underscored

by an unwavering emphasis on pharmacological research.

Our unwavering commitment is anchored in scientific exploration, facilitating

the creation of high-quality healthcare solutions for both patients and healthconscious

individuals. This commitment manifests through our distinctive

product brands, Mitra G and S.tamina, poised for international market

exportation, commencing in 2024.”

Dr. Kratom Bio proudly unveils two distinct product brands, meticulously

tailored to cater to the diverse needs of consumers:

Mitra G: Synthesizing Mitragynine extracted from Kratom with the wisdom of

Thai herbs, these products originate from the traditional knowledge of Thai

Medicine. Their purpose lies in healing and medicinal applications, drawing

on the indigenous heritage of Traditional Thai Medicine.

S.tamina: Harnessing Mitragynine’s essence, this brand offers a versatile array

of products designed for effortless consumption, including lozenges, instant

powder, effervescent tablets, jellies, and more. S.tamina serves as a caffeinefree

everyday companion, revitalising both mind and body.

Dr. Kratom Bio occupies a distinct niche as a specialised enterprise focused

on the extraction and production of premium-grade medical Kratom products.

The journey commences with rigorous research before embarking on the

development phase. Advanced technology is harnessed to safeguard

consistency, safety, and efficacy at every juncture, culminating in the final endproduct.

Each of our meticulously extracted offerings adheres to medicalgrade

standards, unequivocally free from pesticides and chemical


Prominent within the portfolio, Mitra G and S.tamina brands, stand as

exemplars of meticulous safety measures, further underscoring our

commitment to quality excellence, social responsibility, and the advancement

of a globally trusted brand reputation.