Media Coverage 2021


Thailand to remove Kratom from narcotics list after recent unlocking of marijuana and hemp


Senate passes bill removing kratom from narcotics list


DEA: Drug Cartels Targeting Pain Patients as Potential Customers


U.S. House of Representatives approves cannabis banking bill

Digital Exclusive: Local vape shop educates public on kratom

FDA Updates Import Alert for Kratom

Politics Bill seeks to regulate kratom products in Oregon

Can I Fly With Kratom? Find Out Here


News to come!


News to come!


FDA Seeking Public Comments on Kratom


Kratom removed from illegal drugs list


Kratom vs. CBD: Which One Is Superior?

Is kratom the new CBD? Thailand sees sales boom after legalization


Summary of assessments, findings and recommendations of the 44th World Health Organization’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD), 11–15 October 2021*

Bangkok bars battle to beat slump after Covid-19 booze ban

St. Louis-based cannabidiol retailer CBD Kratom expands with third NYC store

FDA’s Suspected Push for Global Kratom Ban Rattles Advocates

The WHO ECDD still meeting this week, future of kratom internationally being decided

Kratom: the creation of a threat

A global fight looms over Kratom, a possible opioid alternative


NPRA Has Approved Six Methadone Products For Opioid Abuse

Missouri lawmaker to again seek regulations for kratom products

FDA’s efforts to ban kratom will lead to more overdoses, deaths

Bipartisan Congressional Lawmakers Urge U.S. To Resist International Kratom Ban


Letter from the WHO

420 with CNW — Feds Seek Help in Understanding Whether Kratom, Cannabis Can Treat Pain

Kratom products must be destroyed under court order

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