The WHO ECDD still meeting this week, future of kratom internationally being decided


The WHO ECDD still meeting this week, future of kratom internationally being decided

WHO Expert Committee on

Drug Dependence considering

kratom’s future in closed session

The AKA and our collected team of scientific kratom experts presented to the WHO ECDD on Monday, and by all accounts were excellent in their defense of kratom and attacks on FDA arguments. We’re incredibly encouraged by how it was received, and by the execution of everyone involved in making this come together. We know there are still many powerful anti-kratom forces working against kratom to the WHO ECDD in private this week, but the public record shows actual science, and thousands of actual kratom consumers, demand kratom be protected.

Thank you again and again to everyone who commented, donated, and pushed others to comment. We’re still working to get the link from the WHO information session to distribute.

In Case You Missed it

Politico, a very influential news source with politicians, pushed one of most balanced media articles on kratom. Please read and share! This type of coverage is incredibly helpful in upcoming KCPA work.

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Why Protect Kratom: New Testimonial Video

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