Can I Fly With Kratom? Find Out Here

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Can I Fly With Kratom? Find Out Here

Kratom scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, native to Southeast Asia.

People who use kratom regularly ,whenever have to travel with kratom are a bit confused about it. So one must know all the dos and donts when travel with kratom. Reason behind this confusion is the side effects caused by regular use of kratom including nausea, vomiting, thyroid problem, brain swelling, seizures, liver damage, delusions and aggression.

So let’s get move through it to remove the whole confusion about traveling with kratom.

Laws and Regulation for Kratom
Kratom does not considered as medicinal supplement by FDA and DEA. But US federal laws do not consider this organic substance illegal. Due to these laws, people can use, consume, own and deal with this botanical substance, kratom.

All public transport including highways and airways, is regulated by the transport security administration (TSA).

Legal Status of Kratom while traveling in USA

Well, as kratom lovers know that how much it is important for regular users so if you have to travel domestically in the US, just check the regions where kratom is banned. If your destination is among those banned areas, you cannot take it with you. Read more in details at Purity Kratom.

There are some states in US, where federal laws do not allow the kratom. But fortunately, American Kratom Association, continuously supports the kratom consumer protection act and now most of the people enjoy kratom carrying and consumption freely.

But still now, there are some regions, where kratom is still illegal. Lets have a look at these places.

1: Arkansas

2: Alabama

3: Vermont

4: Rhode Island

5: Washington DS

6: Indiana

7: Wisconsin

8: Union County, Mississippi

9: Sarasota County, Florida

10: Oceanside, California

11: Terseyville, Illinois

12: San Deigo, California

13: Northern Mississippi

14: Alton, Illinois

In above mentioned regions, not only kratom consumption but its possession is also illegal and strictly banned.

Traveling with Kratom to other countries| Is it possible?

This is the most frequently asked question by kratom lovers, so here is the answer. There are almost thirty countries where you cannot travel with kratom, though kratom has shown many medicinal benefits, but it is a bitter truth that many countries do not allow it in their territory. Wooderson’s is a best to get more info.

Let’s take a look at the list of these countries,

1: Brunei

2: Colombia

3: Germany

4: Finland

5: Israel

6: Australia

7: Cambodia

8: Latvia

9: Denmark

10: Japan

11: Vietnam

12: Italy

13: Jordan

14: Ireland

15: Laos

16: Malaysia

17: Poland

18: Philippines

19: Thailand

20: Russia

21: Romania

22: Turkey

23: Sweden

24: South Korea

25: Lithuania

26: United Kingdom

27: UAE

28: Myanmar

29: Singapore

30: Saudi Arabia

So if you are traveling to any of above mentioned countries, do not keep kratom with you if you do not want to look like a smuggler.

Note: Above mentioned list might be changed because American Kratom Association is working hard to make kratom legal in these countries, so keep yourself updated by checking on the legislations.

Now let’s take a look at various situations where traveling with kratom is completely allowed with justified rules and regulations.

For Kratom lovers, A complete travel guide:

This quick kratom traveling guide will help you with all the queries you have been confused about,

1: Allowance to use kratom at your destination place

First, consider this question before you purchase your ticket and then plan accordingly.

So keep yourself updated about federal laws of every country relating to medications.

Do not forget to take a thorough review.

2: Tested baggage to put kratom in

Do not forget to put kratom in your checked belongings while getting through a security check, so no one will misjudge you for carrying any smuggled goods or illegal substances.

3: How to store kratom while traveling?

Well storing of kratom is of much importance .you must have to keep it in its first hand packaging, so the customs can easily check check your ingredients list.

But if you will store it [in any of your own containers you might have to gone through the drug test. so be conscious , plan before travelling avoid the carelessness and travel happily with kratom.

4: If you are questioned what must be your reaction

This is the crucial point , if the customs officers asks you about what you are carrying you do not get confused shaky be smart and confident and tell him, its kratom , an organic and medicinal herb and I use it for these reasons with nutritionist physician recommendation ( explain the benefits).

5: Kratom alternatives in regions banned with kratom

In those countries where kratom is banned go for kratom alternatives kava, kanna, mitragyna, hirsute, match, blue lotus and akuamma seeds. You will feel similar effects.


Having travel with kratom is a bit confusion and controversial but the quick kratom travel guide can help you easily. Furthermore do not use kratom without health care professionals before using it and if you want to take kratom to another country, do not forget to inform your health care professionals.