Media Coverage 2015


Veterans With PTSD Need Kratom

UNPA to Not Engage in Kratom Sales

Weekly Kratom Roundup

Proposed Kratom Ban in Florida

Recent Media Coverage of Kratom

Paul Kemp, Kratom, and PTSD

Kratom in the Media

FOX News Kratom Report


Proposed Ordinance Related to Kratom Distribution in Broward County Florida

Preparing Kratom for Market

Total Synthesis of (-)-Mitragynine and Analogues

Letter and email addresses for Florida legislators. please write your own original letter and use the email list to send it out to your senators in Florida

Florida’s Senator Evers introduces a second bill to ban kratom.


Thank You Sunshine State!

INSIDER interview with Michael McGuffin with prediction for kratom’s status and cGMP manufacturing. “kratom recovers”

Miracle Herb Smear Campaign

Kratom ban moves through Senate panel after close vote

Florida Senate Amends SB 764

Bill would ban Kratom statewide


Kratom Escapes Louisiana Drug List!

Louisiana introduces bill to ban Kratom

More on Assemblyman Ron Dancer

Kratom Tea Is the Beverage of Recovering Heroin Addicts

NJ Assemblyman Looks To Ban Organic Herb That Produces “Heroin-Like High”

Palm Beach County Commissioners table Kratom signs

Kratom will remain legal in FL, but Kristin Jacobs vows to try again next year


Kratom: Unlocking the Controversy

Kratom Film

This is a Call to Arms

New Legislation Happening in New Jersey Now! Louisiana fight may not be over!

New Jersey Assemblyman Ron Dancer’s Bill A4431 to Ban Kratom

Louisiana HB 174 on Kratom not passed!


Things you should know about Kratom

How an Obscure Supplement You’ve Never Heard of Proves Government Will Regulate Anything

Media Hysteria and Herbal Hypocrisy

Drug experts worry liquid opiate could be addictive, lead to abuse

Kratom “Gives me my life back” Believer Claims

GBI, supporters on the substance Kratom – Georgia Suicide

Kratom and the Future of Drug Rehab Centers


114th Congressional Record

Kratom for Diabetes

Acute and long-term effects of alkaloid extract of Mitragyna speciosa on food and water intake and body weight in rats.

An excuse for crushing Kratom

Botanical Legal Defense Rallies Social Media

Kratom Users Dodge A Legislative Bullet In Florida

Botanical Legal Defense (BLD) Hails Victory in Stopping Florida House Bill Banning Kratom

Kratom Users Dodge A Legislative Bullet


War Against Kratom Heats Up

FDA approves painkiller OxyContin for children 11 and older

4 Natural (Legal) Herbs for Pain Relief

Controlled Substances Board-Roster for Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Commissioners Table Kratom Signs

Florida Files Yet Another Bill Attempting to Ban Kratom

16 of Natures Best Natural Painkillers

Non-addictive Natural Pain Killer Kratom Relieves Chronic Pain, Depression – Leave Rx Drugs Behind

The Intern Issue: Sweet tea

Kratom added to DEA list after being removed


Lose Weight, Increase Energy and 14 Other Reasons to Eat Kratom Leaf

Now They’re Trying to Ban… Kratom?

The Latest Target of Regulation – An Herbal Remedy That’s Been Used Since Time Immemorial

Natural Products Insider Reports on Kratom

Kerry Biggs Testimony to Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

Susan Ash Testimony to Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

American Kratom Association Testifies Before Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

Experts Speak Out on Benefits of Kratom: Why it Would be a Mistake to Ban It

Dr. Phil: My Wife Spends Thousands On Kratom Tea

FDA is Cracking Down on Dietary Supplements

Opiate Withdrawal Help – A Brief History of Kratom


Kratom: The latest legal plant-based high

Kratom Story of New Jersey Pharmacist, Dr. Gerald Wall


Coffee contains potent opiate receptor binding activity

Sam Dunkovich: Why is Wisconsin banning natural pain relievers?

Police arrest 13 in Kratom bus delivery bust

Talladega County Official Kratom Notice

Banning Kratom Would be a Terrible Mistake

Setting the Record Straight on ‘Synthetic Drugs’

No State Senate Run for Kristin Jacobs

More Americans Than Ever Are Taking Prescription Drugs


The History of Kratom (video)

Wisconsin looking to deschedule Kratom

United Arab Emirates – New Drugs added to the prohibition list

Senator Latvala is now joining the attempt in Florida to ban Kratom

FDA Updates

With Mounting Pressure From FDA, Vivazen Removes Kratom in Product Reformulation

Drug Overdose Deaths Hit ‘Alarming’ New Record in U.S., CDC Says

Story was picked up by the Share this story and any other positive press about Kratom to help spread the real truth

UAE, MAE, SFE-CO2 and classical methods for the extraction of Mitragyna speciosa leaves

Time for a Natural Alternative to Prescription Drugs: Safe and Effective Herbal Supplements

Mary Reilly: Kratom has allowed me to participate in society

A Step in the Right Direction in Wisconsin

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