Kratom for Diabetes

Kratom is very well known for its pain relieving effects but what many don’t realize is that it works great for Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) patients as well. There is no exact explanation of exactly how it works to treat diabetes except for the two obvious properties Kratom offers; pain relief and relaxation. Because the effects of pain and stress can adversely affect blood sugar, driving them to unsafe levels. Kratom also helps to subside food cravings which is also a challenge for diabetics. As a diabetic, the main goal is to maintain good blood sugar levels within a safe range of 70 – 120. If blood sugar levels rise too high it can cause damage over time and if the blood sugar levels drop too low death can occur. Insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, attaches itself to glucose (Blood sugar) which is what the body converts food into. Because of this challenge, diabetics tend to live shorter lives, passing from organ failure or premature heart complications. With that said, the importance of maintaining good blood sugar levels is paramount.

It is said that Kratom it is helpful because it helps to lower high blood pressure. It has been used in Thailand for years to help treat diabetes because of the relaxing effect that Kratom can give, through certain strains; helps lower stress level as well as high blood pressure. Kratom’s pain relieving effect itself is useful for the painful side effects of Diabetes. Kratom is best known for its stimulating and analgesic properties, which could also be useful for diabetics suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

The importance of strains does come in to play with these health benefits. To help relieve high blood pressure it is helpful to stay within the Red family and for pain relief it is suggested to stay in the White’s. Kratom has been associated with Diabetes for a long time in Thailand and is one of the ways Kratom is helpful to the health of individuals. For diabetic patients this would be a great resource to look in to.


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