This is a Call to Arms

There are a lot of rumors and fears about Kratom, especially right now. What is the truth? We want to know.

We are making a very watchable, very beautiful feature length documentary on the truth about Kratom.
This is not some “news” item to be spun to increase viewership or instill fear.
We are making a truthful film.

We don’t have commercial pressure or advertising pressure, like the news media does.
We answer to ourselves.

You should know that after the research we have done so far, however, we feel confident the honest facts, will benefit the Kratom community.
We won’t have to spin it.

We are professional, independent filmmakers.
We have been in the film industry for an average of 30 years…each… We have been working together all those years.
That is a lot of movie making experience that we share.
Our reputation is on the line with every project we do, so we choose them carefully.

We want to make the definitive movie exploring the good stories and bad stories surrounding Kratom,
so that people can make informed decisions.
Our film is titled Kratom: Unlocking the Controversy.

We need financial support to make the film we want to make.
Filmmaking and advertising finished films is extraordinarily expensive.
We are a California 501 (c)3 so every donation is deductible.
This is a story that needs to be told and we are the right people to tell it.

If you would like to donate through our IndieGOGO campaign…
Here is the link : (the more money we get up front, the more other people will get involved)

If you prefer to donate by check, you can contact us at:
Our website is:

We are very excited to get his project off the ground. We have been in pre-production for a month and are expected to start filming by July 1, 2015.

Thank you for your help.