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Kratom Advocates Call for End to ‘Leafer Madness’

Federal action may stifle Kratom market in Kentucky

Addicted Oklahoma: Advocates call kratom a life saver, despite FDA warnings


Kratom would require prescription in Michigan under Senate bill

What is kratom and why is its safety being questioned?

OPINION: From the comments section – Using your voice effectively

Supervisor leads advocacy group for controversial herbal supplement

A way forward?

Fix the system

Kratom: Fear-worthy foliage or beneficial botanical?

Addicted Oklahoma: Advocates call kratom a life saver, despite FDA warnings

Kratom: The Real Problem With This Botanical Drug

Pharmacy board delays decision on Kratom

Ohio delays kratom ban; bill proposed to regulate the herbal supplement


St. Charles County approves the sale of kratom but won’t endorse product safety

St. Louis cannabis chain sues after Chicago landlord nixes its hemp leaf logo

Meet the Plant That Is In the News For All the Wrong Reasons

Kavakaze celebrates four beau-tea-ful years

Tons of Kratom Being Sold in Colorado

Getting to Know Kratom, Plants that Attract President Jokowi

Best Kratom for Energy and Focus

Does Kratom Really Help Athletes in Sports?


Concerns over CBD labeling, health claims crop up

First Safety Study on Hemp CBD Published

Could a kratom ban be coming to Clearwater?

As the FDA Warns Kratom Sellers, Utah Takes a Proactive Approach

Will you help protect Kratom today?

A new kratom report maps one possible future for the drug

Interest in CBD products keeps soaring, but health experts wary

FDA, FTC Issue More CBD Manufacturer Warnings

Schumer presses FDA to regulate budding CBD industry

Google searches show millions of people want to learn about CBD — here are 3 things you should know about it

Global Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market is Expected to Boom US$2247 mn at a CAGR of 33.55% by 2025

The New Therapeutic Plant: 5 Health Benefits of Kratom

Over 1,000 Louisiana businesses permitted to sell CBD products

Parker businesses banned from selling kratom

CBD Vs Postpartum Depression

What is kratom? The popular herbal supplement has caught flak from the FDA

Steve Ehlman on Kratom


Should dogs take CBD oil?

Ohio’s newest prescription: CBD oil

Kratom likely to be banned in Maryville

Clearwater will not ban kratom, City Council confirms

Inside Plan to Bring Kratom Consumer Protection Act to Colorado

Hundreds told Clearwater not to ban kratom. Officials were baffled.

Lawmakers Propose Regulating Herbal Supplement Kratom

Kratom Tea for Improved Sleep

Store owner defends product despite its critics

Identifying the benefits, potential hazards of Kratom

Kratom and its long-standing controversy in Kentucky

Illinois trucker flunked drug test; claims fraud by CBD candy maker

CBD regulation in NYS remains in limbo, as bill awaits governor’s signature

Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

Miracle plant or dangerous drug? Kratom comes to Buffalo

NCPA Launches CBD Website for Pharmacists


December 2019 Legislative Update

Kratom for Chronic Pain?

House Passes FY 2020 Appropriations Agreement

Justice minister says he’ll speed up kratom decriminalisation

Meet Christopher McCurdy, Researcher Who Could Determine Future of Kratom

Kratom leaves to be declassified as a narcotic

Thailand to leave out Kratom in its new amended narcotics list.

Lawmakers Push Back Against The Latest Flimsy Campaign To Crack Down On Kratom

Clearwater halts consideration of kratom ban

CBD could help doctors use lower doses of chemotherapy