Venturing into the World of Patreon Donations

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“Our mission is to increase understanding in order to influence public policy and protect natural supplements”.
Venturing into the World of Patreon Donations

A Winning Strategy for Today and Tomorrow

Proven excellence in protecting that which matters most, your right to choose

What is Patreon? If you’ve never heard of, then please read on..

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It is a monthly donation program that allows people to directly fund creators, artists, and of course non-profits with a subscription-based format. 

By donating to the BEA through Patreon, our ability to plan and carry out projects at our highest rate of efficiency and effectiveness will skyrocket. A regular steady flow of donations coming in every month will allow us to create a business model that is sustainable and ready for any anti-kratom legislation at any moment in time.

Once again, we want to be proactive rather than reactive. We want to go on offense rather than be perennially on defense.

Take a Look at our Patreon Page & Choose a Donation Level

Monthly Community Patreon: You can say with 100% confidence that you’re helping keep kratom legal.

$1 – Join the BEA Family:

Feel proud knowing that you’re doing your part and contributing to keep kratom legal! The BEA survives on every penny and $1 helps.

$5 – Doing the Knitty Gritty Work:

Skip one coffee every month and that cost will go to our BEA overhead of a business and creating educational content – i.e. flights to testify, $ to print educational flyers, office rent, paying for graphic design services to create educational flyers. This is the maintenance that keeps the BEA afloat and allows us to focus all our efforts on preventing legislation against kratom.

If you’re an everyday working American that is doing their best but has limited income to share, then this is the option for you!

$10 – Protecting Danger States in America:

Saving Kratom in KS, TN, __ by paying for on-going lobbying costs. These donations will go directly to the lobbying contracts we have in KS, TN, __ and __. These funds will keep watch on states that consistently have active anti-kratom legislation pending or states that kratom is illegal but could potentially be turned legal with our continuous efforts.

BONUS: You will also receive general GMP Compliance Tips (i.e. webinars) relevant to kratom in monthly emails

$30 – Science Will Set Kratom Free:

Support BEA’s highest priority projects – currently raising funds for the nation’s top science experts to conduct kratom studies. The funds raised from these donations will always be directed to our largest and most important science-based projects.

BONUS: You will also receive highly valued GMP Manual specific info regarding kratom in monthly emails. This is integral for any kratom business to succeed in today’s landscape.

With Gratitude,
Angela, Travis, Ryan & BEA Board