I’ve been using kratom sense 2013 i found kratom after open heart surgery i was given very strong pain medication that i didn’t like the way they made me feel and i didn’t want to get addicted to them and my doctor want to keep me on them long term because i had other health issues so i went online trying to find something safe that would help with pain without having to worry about addiction so i started seeing a lot a post about kratom and after reading every thing i could find about kratom and how kratom worked i went to my local smoke shop and bought some red manga kratom i started out taking about 2 grams and worked my way up tell i found the right dose and for me its 3to6 grams and at that dose it stops my severe pain without causing me to feel weird it causes no type of any type of those people online claiming there getting high from kratom i think it’s completely made up.and you here people dying from taking too much kratom I think that’s completely bull there has not been one proven death from Kratom by itself and I think the people who have OD have had high concentrations of opiates in their system and they would have probably OD’d anyway without the kratom. Now last year I had to have another open heart surgery and after the surgery my cardiologist found that I had swollen lymph nodes in my chest my doctor thought it might have been cancer but after about six months I’m taking a higher dose of Kratom is that note went away and what I mean is the swelling went down and I have no more worries about having cancer I’m not saying that kratom will prevent cancer I think in my case it was a lot of praying I think the Kratom may have helped out and I will close by saying at the states that have banned kratom if you look at their street drug statistics once they band kratom there street level opiates started becoming much higher so if a plant can stop folks from using elicit opiates and stop people from buying them on the street I think it’s a win-win thank you for reading this long testimonial

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