Kratom hits Tennessee

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They also sell Kratom and swear by the benefits.

“The Kratom is definitely stronger for more severe pain cases,” said Emma Nunn, an employee there.

The pain-killing powder comes from a plant found in Southeast Asia.

Some strands help people relax, others give them energy.

It also binds to people’s opioid receptors and many said it’s helped them kick their opioid addiction.

“I definitely think this is an important option to have because it’s not like you have to be prescribed it. It’s not like it’s an addictive kind of thing. It comes from the earth. It’s all natural and it’s just a lot easier on your body,” said Nunn.

Kratom isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s also on the Drug Enforcement Agency’s list of drugs of concern.

They worry about everything from psychotic episodes to overdoses and are still deciding on whether to make it illegal.

A handful of states have outlawed Kratom. Tennessee isn’t one of them.

“I would say give it a try. I think that it can really help someone who is coming off of an opioid addiction. It can help with pain or restless nights. Think Kratom is a great alternative for what they’re facing,” said Nunn.

Vanderbilt doctors said several of their patients take Kratom for pain management, but they warn it is a drug and can be dangerous especially in high doses.

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