Dont Ban Kratom

I have had 3 back surgeries, chronic back pain, pain down both legs daily, rhuem. arthritis ect. My Dr put me on morphine 100mg twice daily. I didn’t like this idea I wanted to take something else but he assured me everything would be ok and he would “wean me off it when it was time” Well after 2 years of taking it he one day tells me that he cant give it to me anymore because of his insurance co. I ask him about weaning me off of it and he said “it will be really bad but you wont die” So I stopped cold turkey. It was really bad and I was very angry with him doing this to me. I found Kratom online and tried it. I take it twice a day and it has saved my life! I still have pain its just a little more bearable now. I don’t have any of the side effects that I had with the morphine. So I can tell you it does help with withdraw and it most definitely helps with pain and anxiety.

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