Is this the end of CBD or the catalyst which will bring and end to cannabis prohibition.

The DEA is yet again attempting to schedule 1 another harmless herbal supplement and going to make users of CBD or any cannabis extracts criminals. The DEA is a regulatory agency and has no business making laws. They are there to enforce the laws. The use of Mexican word marihuana to describe Cannabis is still used today to make us believe that the plant we call hemp which has been a major part of the founding and development of our nation. The word Marihuana was adopted to deceive the populace in the late 1930’s to illegalize and eradicate cannabis hemp. Schedule 1 drugs by definition have no medicinal value and cause eminent danger to the heath of our nation. This is the absolute opposite of what CBD and cannabis related extracts represent.

We believe that the recent overturn of the decision of DEA to emergency schedule kratom will play a big part inn the new motion to ban CBD. 51 members of Congress along with 11 Senators publicly stood up for kratom which compared to cannabis is not well known and has less foundation and support of its consumers. The cannabis enthusiasts need to all get up and begin a dear colleague letter aligning the leaders of both the House and the Senate. The timing of the DEA with the current leadership of the federal government on its way out and mostly home for the holidays is not a coincidence. Herbal medicines and the right for Americans to treat themselves with real answers is under attack. The DEA would rather see Americans dropping like flies from Feyntanol by the thousands then allow them to cure themselves naturally. Why is the DEA  so fearful of safe herbal remedies? How deep does this conspiracy go? The truth is it goes back almost a century and represents the industrial and pharmaceutical control of a few very powerful companies and bloodlines. Remember that DuPont, Hearst, Anslinger and a small group of elitist industrialist set this plan in motion in 1937 to deceive us Americans and control certain industries. To take money and power from the American farmers and put in in the hands of some very well organized bloodlines who seek control over the worlds power. It is insane to think that in this day of instant information and interconnected activists that the DEA would try to pull the wool over our eyes. Well not this time the people are gonna fight back with facts and science. This is the time where the people will use their god given resources to build up the American families ability to provide wealth and medicine to everyone. Prohibiting Americans from these god given rights and plants will have a massive back fire. The stigmatism has driven the cost of cannabis extracts higher than gold. This industry will soon be in our hands and provide the next generations with unimaginable wealth. 80 years of lies and prohibition does not happen without unintended results.

There are publicly traded companies worldwide who market CBD. The leader of the industry is GW Pharmaceutical which is a UK based company who was in the final stages of development of a new drug which they call Epidolex. There are many other companies also who’s core business is CBD such as Medical Marijuanna Inc and Isiodiol. What is the fate of these companies and what happens with their investors. Recently it was reported that some of the worlds most wealthy investors were buying up huge chunks of cannabis stocks. Organizations such as NORML and HIA which are comprised of CEO’s, Lawyers, lobbyists and Activists need to now begin to look at fighting back. This is not going to be the end of CBD but rather the catalyst which will bring and end to cannabis prohibition.

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