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Maine – Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Senator Scott Cryway and the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Please remove mitragynine from the language defining schedule W drugs and remove mitragynine from the list of schedule W drugs in Maine. This is an active ingredient found in an botanical tree found in South east Asia that has been used safely for centuries as a tea. This does not belong on the list of dangerous drugs which should be classified as schedule W in Maine.


LD 1546 (SP 541)
“An Act To Clarify the Language Defining Schedule W Drugs and To Add Drugs to the List of Schedule W Drugs”
Sponsored by Senator Scott Cyrway




Kimberley.Rosen@legislature.maine.gov, Scott.Cyrway@legislature.maine.gov, William.Diamond@legislature.maine.gov, Charlotte.Warren@legislature.maine.gov, Patrick.Corey@legislature.maine.gov, Karen.Gerrish@legislature.maine.gov, Martin.Grohman@legislature.maine.gov, Skip.Herrick@legislature.maine.gov, Skip.Herrick@legislature.maine.gov, Don.Marean@legislature.maine.gov, Catherine.Nadeau@legislature.maine.gov, Rachel.talbotross@Legislature.Maine.gov, Joseph.Klimkiewicz@Legislature.Maine.gov, Alexandra.Avore@legislature.maine.gov, Suzanne.Voynik@legislature.maine.gov, Jane.Orbeton@legislature.maine.gov, Daniel.Tartakoff@legislature.maine.gov

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