Mother on crusade against Kratom

By: Brian Entin of WPTV

Last Updated: September 30, 2014

A Boynton Beach mother suspected for months her son Ian Mautner was on Kratom when he committed suicide in July.

And a Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s report confirmed he was on the substance when he jumped from an overpass onto Interstate 95.

The report shows Mautner was also on anti depressants.

“He was always proud to be around his Mom and I was always proud to have him as a son,” Linda Mautner said.

Mautner says her son Ian was addicted to Kratom, a leafy substance making the rounds at Kava Bars and gas stations.

“He said it really relaxes you and makes it feel like you can think clearer. He said I feel so good and healthy,” Mautner said.

But Mautner says Kratom changed her son.

She says he needed antidepressants and was in and out of rehab.

Some doctors say the substance is dangerous.

“It doesn’t have the same obvious high as heroine. But when you go to stop it your body has the same physical dependance as if you were on heroine,” Dr. Raul Rodriguez with the Delray Healing Center said.

Ian’s family is appealing to the Palm Beach County Commission to ban Kratom or regulate it.

According to the county attorney, they are still researching what can be done and will present their findings to the commission.

The substance is already banned in some states.