10,000 comments thus far. Please keep them coming .

WE DID IT!!! We hit 10,000 comments! Just 100 hours to go! C’mon folks LET’S far surpass 10K! When we first started this campaign I was sure we could hit 15-20K. Let’s aim higher!
For the skeptics out there, here’s the latest report from our PR firm:
“We projected that KratomComments.org would break the 10,0000-mark over the holiday weekend and it did. As of midnight, the count stood at 10,022.
The Regulations.gov site is still lagging by a couple of days over the four-day holiday break and is just now topping 7,500. If they don’t do a major update at 11:59 p.m. tonight, we will know they are trying to keep the count under 10,000 by slowing up “processing.”’
But that’s why we have our site — for proof. They must accept all comments submitted by 12/1. Thank you again to all who have commented and continue to do so!