Alabama Legislature contact information. Please call or email them in regards to keeping kratom legal in Alabama

MCCUTCHEON, MAC 334-242-7673
BUSKEY, JAMES E. 334-242-7757
BEECH, ELAINE 334-242-7702
JOHNSON, RON 334-242-7777
BOYD, BARBARA 334-242-7692
DAVIS, RANDY 334-242-7724
WARREN, PEBBLIN W. 334-242-7734
GASTON, VICTOR 334-242-7663
GREER, LYNN 334-242-7576
HARPER, ALAN 334-242-7732
LEE, PAUL W. 334-242-7675
MOORE, BARRY 334-242-7773
RICH, KERRY 334-242-7538

Suggestions for writing or calling

To the members of the Alabama House of Representatives regarding bill HB175 & SB226

My name is ________, I’m a __-year old _________ from _________ and I’d like to voice my concern about  SB226 which has been referred to the House Rules Committee:


-Please keep it basic and do not use words that will alarm anyone. Be very careful and respectful in  how you address these people. Alaways refer to them as House Member or Senate Member and use their last name.

-Avoid using words that like opiate and addiction and stick to the general benefits of this safe botanical. Compare it to coffee or tea rather than a medication.

-Avoid medical claims or benefits when addressing the members.

-tell them why you feel kratom products should remain available to users of 18 years and older and should not be made a schedule 1 drug.

-Conclusion:  I’m asking you to please vote against HB175 (SB226)

-Reference other States that have amended kratom.. Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, which all happened after the banning of kratom in Indiana, Vermont, Tennessee.

-Reference this study done by the State of Florida and the Florida Drug and law Enforcement Agency (FDLE) after multiple years of failed legislation to ban kratom.



Please include your full contact information and signature if possible.

Again, if you don’t know who your Rep is click HERE to look it up.


334-242-7600     State your name, age and occupation, that you’re a responsible adult who believes kratom should remain legal and why you oppose SB226 & HB175. call 334-242-7600


A list of all Members of the Alabama House of Representatives can be found here 


A complete member list is below:
Here’s a list with phone numbers for the rules committee

MCCUTCHEON, MAC  334-242-7673
BUSKEY, JAMES E.  334-242-7757
BEECH, ELAINE  334-242-7702
JOHNSON, RON  334-242-7777
BOYD, BARBARA  334-242-7692
DAVIS, RANDY  334-242-7724
WARREN, PEBBLIN W.  334-242-7734
GASTON, VICTOR  334-242-7663
GREER, LYNN  334-242-7576
HARPER, ALAN  334-242-7732
LEE, PAUL W.  334-242-7675
MOORE, BARRY  334-242-7773
RICH, KERRY  334-242-7538;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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