History in the Making, Kratom Leaf Remains Legal in the State of Tennessee


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History in the Making, Kratom Leaf Remains Legal in the State of Tennessee ?

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You did it, we did it, every single person in the kratom community..
..that made an email or call to a House Representative or Senate member, shared a Facebook post, told their friends to email/call or literally showed up to speak during the Tennessee testimonies were all an essential piece of achieving this monumental moment in kratom history.Thank you all.Kratom wasn’t just removed from the bill, it is now in the bill as 100% legal ✅. This is a huge win for both Tennessee residents and Americans as a whole. It clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished with the right resources, persistence and educational strategies.

Typically, legislation that is already established has a significantly harder time getting reversed compared to the act of incorporating brand new legislation meaning it will be very difficult for Tennessee to change this law.

This now works in our favor.

Once again, a united effort in educating representatives results in kratom remaining legal. This is will stay the case provided companies follow FDA guidelines and regulations. Compliance is key.

Please do not give legislators a reason to change their mind!

The BEA the AKA have been coordinating and strategizing to divide up the lobbying efforts in the states. The BEA took the lead in Tennessee and the AKA took the lead in Kansas. We have been sharing resources and collaborating efforts in both states to be most effective.  This collaborative effort has enabled us to give our all in our respective states ?.

Tennessee has been no easy feat, we had to have experts on the ground several times to continually educate legislators. Thankfully we were not alone. We were accompanied by kratom advocates that bravely shared their powerful stories in front of a Congressional audience. Special thanks to Melanie and Cherity who attended every meeting and met with every representative.

United we stand!

With Gratitude,
Angela, Travis, Ryan & BEA Board

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Kratom Movement Gains Recovery Expert and Emergency Physician as New Board Members
John Shinholser & Dr. Trey Hanson join the Botanical Education Alliance’s team to provide guidance on recovery and health benefits that kratom provides.

ATLANTA, GA – April 24, 2018 – The Botanical Education Alliance (BEA), a kratom organization that aims to educate, advocate and take action for kratom legality has recently brought on two bona-fide experts in their respective fields. John Shinholser and Dr. Trey Hanson have joined the movement to add yet another well of knowledge and guidance to assist the goal of educating legislators and decision makers about the benefits of kratom.

Angela Watson, co-founder and current board member of the BEA, spoke about the exciting new team members saying “we’ve chosen carefully, and are proud to bring on John and Dr. Hanson. It is safe to say that much the BEA’s accomplishments over the years can be attributed our core group of industry and community experts that we’ve gathered over the years. Each one adds another layer of expertise and perspective to our multi-pronged educational approach. John and Dr. Hanson are both very well-established in their respective industries and are precisely what we need to take this movement to the next level.”

John Shinholser is the co-founder and President of The McShin Foundation, a recovery resource foundation founded in 2004 by John and his wife Carol McDaid. Shinholser and his wife have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and families in seeking recovery from the disease of addiction.

John is also a United States Marine Corps veteran and has owned and managed a successful contracting business for over 30 years. He continuous to stay passionate about the cause of recovery and helping others as he is himself has had to overcome personal addiction battles. John has been clean and in successful long-term recovery since August 10th 1982.

With Gratitude,
Angela, Travis, Ryan & BEA Board