Kratom Consumer Protection Act and Industry Self-Regulation.

Utah State Senate Chamber

Alexander Karp

The industrial revolution enabled the products in our lives to be produced faster and more efficiently.

Our pharmaceutical industry, for example, is very good at isolating to 1 active ingredient, then chemically synthesizing a similar molecule on a massive scale.

This is analogous to our food supply in the US…it has been optimized for mass-production and scalability…not necessarily for our ‘best’ long term health.

It is understandable that the FDA turned away from biologics back in the 1970s in order to enable this scalability. The FDA has a tough job regulating labels, claims, and manufacturing practices before trying to consider the complexities of biologic therapeutics. However, the more our collective knowledge increases, we begin to understand the importance of these biologic complexities and the symbiotic relationships present within our microbiomes called the human body. More than ever, it is important for new disruptive industries come together to promote education and commit to acceptable standards.

As this shift from synthetics to biologics and natural products gain momentum, it is critical to meet with our legislators to reduce risks and provide maximum societal benefits as kratom gains in awareness and popularity.

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Working hand-in-hand with government representatives allows disruptive industries or technologies to enter the marketplace with assurances and stability while avoiding hysteria, confusion, and backlash.

I am proud to be a part of this group of Kratom Industry Business Leaders committed to self-regulation and adherence to manufacturing standards and best practices.

Thank you to the American Kratom Association, Senator Curt Bramble, and House Rep. Vernon Jones for helping us to organize and for your support and insights as embark on this exciting journey.

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