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Understanding Kratom Strains

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Understanding Kratom Strains
If you haven’t tried Kratom yet and are just gathering information to know if it works or not, you must need lots of information on it. Random blogs on Internet are pretty confusing and you can’t really rely on them.

With such popular usage and so much unorganized information, there are chances that you will pick a wrong Kratom type. Or you may never try it. Before you put your hand on any bestseller Kratom strain, it is better to know the differences between Kratom strains.

Kratom is botanically called Mitragyna Speciosa and it is a close relative of the coffee plant. Kratom is a tall, leafy tree that grows up to 15 meters in height.

It grows naturally in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. In this region it has a long history of being used as a traditional herbal medicine for pain, boost energy, anxiety alleviation and depression. It also makes withdrawal effects easy and induces an overall happy and wellness effects.

Types of Kratom

One of the many things you find on the Internet is the name mentioned with each Kratom strain. This color mentions the color of the vein of the leaf, which is used to make the respective product. These veins give specific properties to Kratom leaf. Different types of Kratom leaves bring different types of effects. That is why using the right type of Kratom needs an extensive background search.

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Naming of Kratom Leaf

There are so many Kratom strains, which are available, online. The reputable Kratom vendors have set standard names for different types of Kratom, which makes them easy to spot. Most of the Kratom suppliers use these standard names, however, if your Kratom vendor has a different name plan, you can always ask them about details.

The standard naming of Kratom strains cover the following things.

The country of origin, a form that the Kratom strain belongs.
The region from which Kratom is selected.
The color of leaf veins used to make the powder, capsule or extract of Kratom.

Green vein Indo

Green- represents the color of the vein.

Indo- represents that the Kratom strain is from Indonesia.

What’s the difference between red vein, green vein, or white veined?

There are three natural types of Kratom strains based on their vein color.

Green vein Kratom leaves– these leaves have distinct green color veins on fresh leaves.

Red vein Kratom leaves– these leaves have distinct red color veins on fresh leaves.

White vein Kratom leaves – these leaves have distinct white color veins on fresh leaves.

Green and white vein Kratom leaves are usually the most energetic strains. White veins are the best if you want to use it for nootropic boost. The stimulation caused by white and green vein leaves is higher than red vein Kratom.

Green vein leaves help to provide mental clarity and endurance. Mostly the sportsmen and athletes use green vein Kratom. They also help for stress relief but this effect is less than red veins.

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Red vein Kratom leaves are the most sedative. After feeling a sudden rush of energy, red vein brings the best of pain relief and stress relief effects. It is a natural substitute o all the painkillers. In higher dose, they show euphoria. However, this euphoria is different from drug-like euphoria. It is more of a medicinal nature.

Legal High of Kratom

One thing that you will find puzzling is the term “Legal high” with Kratom. Remember, Kratom is not a legal high. If you want to get high, don’t use Kratom because the initiative to use Kratom for ecstasy will disappoint you.

All the herbs that provide stress relief or relaxing effect do have some psychological benefits. But the “high” effect of Kratom is not even close to the drugs. It is more of a medical nature.

Kratom is gentle on the body in comparison with the destructive drugs. Kratom provides a mood lift, stimulates you and causes sedation. All these effects are not like medicines, opiates or not even caffeine. The feeling is different and smooth which is due to the medicinal properties of Kratom.

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How long does the effect last?

The duration of Kratom effects is between 2-5 hours generally. If you are using a small dose of energy, stimulation, and focus, it will last for more time. A high dosage brings higher effects like pain relief, ease over withdrawal effects or anxiety control. But the effect of a higher dose lasts for less time.

More Kratom that you will take; more sedating will be the effect. If you don’t want a sedating effect and just want Kratom to help you with daily routine, try using a low dose.

How to use Kratom?

The most popular way to use Kratom is to use it orally. It is sometimes called “toss and wash” method. It brings the maximum effects in less time, as the mode of consumption is direct. However, many users don’t like this method due to the bitter taste and fragrance of Kratom.

Second popular way to use Kratom is by making Kratom tea. Kratom tea is just like a herbal tea which is made by soaking Kratom powder in hot water. After boiling it, we let it steep for 5-10 minutes and sip it. The powder can be strained or swallowed with the tea, as per user’s choice. Many people infuse it with lemon juice or honey for the extra flavor. It makes Kratom tea a delicious hot beverage that a user can take in routine. It doesn’t even feel like a medicinal therapy.

Kratom tea

You can also add Kratom powder to your food or drinks if you want to use Kratom for overall wellbeing. In this way, the undesirable taste is masked. But Kratom makes its way to your body and gives you the health benefits. One popular way is to incorporate Kratom powder in orange or grapefruit juice.

On the other hand, many users prefer to use capsules for the convenience and ease. Using capsule is simple; it is just like a multivitamin or health-boosting supplement. You only need water to take it. You can keep the capsules with you in an airtight bottle but using powder or tea can become tricky this way.

The trick for the best Kratom experience is to find the perfect medium for you. It should have a pre-determined dosage. You don’t need to measure dosage when you are using Kratom capsules, as they are pre-packed with the standard dose. However, Kratom powder needs the accurate measurement for designing dosage.

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The trick is finding the perfect medium for you and keeping with that desired dose. Too high of doses are not physically dangerous but can cause nausea.

Most popular Kratom strains

Following is a list of most popular Kratom strains.

Bali Kratom
Maeng Da Kratom
Indo Kratom
Malay Kratom
Thai Kratom
Borneo Kratom

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