Sad Day For Kratom Advocates

On April 24, 2018, I woke up to twenty-something messages from people I have never heard from before. The first thought that crossed my mind was “Oh boy, who trolled a video again now? Alright, lets read some hate-mail! Wooo!”. To my great surprise, the messages were all pure love, support, and concern.

YouTube shut down my Kratom Channel.

I sat there speechless after reading the first message. I couldn’t believe it. I went to go check and it was nowhere to be found. All links lead to nothing. They removed every single ounce of content they could find, even the email connected to it! LOL. Damn, YouTube, what did I do that was so threatening and terrible to expose to the world in videos? Did I laugh at a suicide victim in Japan? Did I sniff a condom up my nose and pull it out my mouth? Did they mistake me for Diamond and Silk? Was I promoting rioting and violence? Maybe I was promoting a federally illegal drug-yes, that is on their list of violations, but kratom is not illegal, so it wasn’t that. Regardless, they clearly did not want to talk, or even warn me. They simply deleted. They’re lucky I am nothing like that psycho PETA lover lady that paid YouTube headquarters a visit. YouTube does not care how many enemies they make, nor do they follow their own rules-for my channel broke NONE of them. The internet is a lawless land (still, for the most part). These major companies like Google (who owns YouTube) can sensor how they wish, and we must bow (?).

My kratom videos were educational (which is allowed). They were promoting the knowledge of a plant that is still not federally illegal. I spent YEARS devoting my time, money and energy to kratom videos that have spread internationally. The investment I had into that channel was massive, so this news hit me in a massive way… also hit my fans, which I had no idea I had so many of..

What’s worse, my channel was not the only one targeted that day. Apparently some loser had a lot of time on their hands and took it upon themselves to go through YouTube and flag all of the kratom channels they could find.

Wanna know what they still have up? What YouTube doesn’t have a problem with:

Ok, the last video was just for fun, but you get my point. VICE can promote all kinds of “educational” videos on all types of HORRIBLE DRUGS, but a legal plant called kratom is not allowed? Look at the biased bullshit here! It’s clear as day….and they continue to get away with it.

You can now find me over where many of the creative sorts are going these days, Patreon. I have been helping the kratom cause for YEARS doing all kinds of different things for the community. It only makes sense that I move over to Patreon for those who know how valuable word of mouth and video marketing are these days. Patreon is a platform where you can speak your mind, where things are fair, where you are allowed to be creative and educational without fear of YouTube’s bipolarism, and where people who value what you do support you and your endeavors so you can continue to spread truth and knowledge.

You can also find me on Facebook (for now).

I hope that YouTube will reinstate the large YouTube channel I once had……because that was a lot of content I have lost, years worth of content many relied upon in order to learn more about kratom and spread the truth/facts on a plant that continues to be targeted by the FDA. People need to take a stand and use their voice before we lose a plant that has the ability to better the lives of millions in so many ways.

Find truth, facts, and support at Botanical Education Alliance. Learn about an upcoming march on DC to fight for kratom HERE.

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