Attorney Jim Todd speaks the press after Judge Royce Taylor gave his opinion after the arraignments on Friday Feb. 16, 2018. HELEN COMER/DNJ

After a judge said they could pick up their keys and cash registers, stores shuttered in the “Operation Candy Crush” raids were reopened to the public Friday.

Excited owners

Louis Berbert, owner of Enchanted Planet, put out the call on social media as soon as he knew he could reopen his doors. There were customers inside just minutes after he took off the padlock on the front door.

“I am incredibly excited about the store being back open again and that we’re here to serve the public again, after 25 years of good service, I am glad to continue offering that good service to my customers,” he said.

“It may be raining outside and it may be gray and dark, but it has been a beautiful day,” Berbert said.

Ongoing support

Friends, family members, activists and fellow store owners were in the courtroom Friday.

Angie Seriana, who owns a small business but is not connected with the Rutherford County raids, was in the gallery to support fellow business owners.

“I am with all the people, they’re business owners, they are just trying to make a living for their families,” she said. “The police made it sound like this was actually on the counter between the M&Ms and the Snicker bars — it was not.”