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In 2004 I had back

In 2004 I had back surgery,before that an opiate painkiller made severely sick during legitimate use.I never would have thought that I would have grown a so called love for them.it became hell three years afterwards.I remember having bad withdrawal symptoms with barely enough strength to drive to my friends house who then showed me this way out.I remember saying to her that there\\\’s no herb or tree that will stop this.well I was shown otherwise.today I can rise up and go to work without that noisy thought in my head,\\\’you\\\’re gonna be sick in a day or so,so you have two hours til work,start finding something quick!kratom has not only given me pain relief but relief of anxiety,its given me motivation.my strength is back to its fullest and I feel healthy and also not thoughtless.I do fear big pharma will take this \\\’way out of drug hell,away from me.I must say I will go to jail or pay taxes,even go underground to be able to say I\\\’m not scared of tomorrow cause.I pray this beautiful tree will stay legal.the media needs to be silenced.the headshops need to not sell it to minors.they\\\’re ripping people off anyway.

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