Drug Policy Alliance Joins Kratom Fight!

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Drug Policy Alliance Joins Kratom Fight!

Great news everybody!

The Drug Policy Alliance has joined our cause, which means our movement is gaining enormous traction. People are realizing this ban is about more than Kratom. If can rally more social justice movements together for this cause, then we can stand a chance!

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The DEA is Coming After Kratom
 Take Action
The DEA recently placed kratom, a medicinal plant used for millennia in Southeast Asia, on the list of Schedule I drugs, effective September 30.

Without a serious scientific investigation the DEA irresponsibly intends to subject anyone caught with kratom to long prison sentences, while effectively halting scientific investigation into kratom’s medicinal benefits and making it impossible to enact sensible legal regulations for kratom.

Many people struggling with opioid addiction have turned to kratom as a safer alternative, but now all promising scientific studies on kratom’s role in opioid treatment could be immediately shut down. Science be damned.

We need your help to fight back.

Letter to the Senate
The DEA irresponsibly placed the active compounds in kratom, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, into Schedule I, effective September 30.
Kratom is a tropical plant in the coffee family from Southeast Asia that has been used to help those suffering from opioid withdrawal for centuries.
As your constituent I ask that you please act immediately to halt the DEA’s irresponsible action.
 Send a Message
Prohibition has failed, but the DEA is doubling down on its outdated tactics. Unless we act, kratom will join the list of Schedule I drugs and be pushed into the illicit market, subjecting anyone that possesses it to serious time behind bars.

Send a message to your Senators right now. Tell them to stop this DEA action before it’s too late.

We only have until September 30 to make a difference.


Grant Smith
Deputy Director, National Affairs
Drug Policy Alliance

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