August 10, 11, and 12
Harmony, Maine
Listen, when you talk to people about Kratom and you don’t think they listen…a lot do! We constantly have people come into the shop, and PM us here on Facebook. Numerous friends that I grew up with are now coming to me for information and help, many after following 5 years of my Facebook posts, and watching my podcasts and YouTube videos. People are tired of having to use, or depend on pharmaceutical relief and support!
As you know we have lost a lot of our friends and family throughout recent years.
To honor them, I have decided to give away *Full Weekend Event* passes to #KratomFest2018 “Changing Lives with Leaves” to anyone from my class of 1993. 
Annnnnd…I am not going to stop there — I was friends with guys and gals ahead me. If any of you want in, let me know! 
#Kratomfest2018 will be a family event with live music and DJ. The lineup is still being worked on.
~ Fun education workshops
~ Family bonfire (s’mores on us!)
~ Vending booths of all types, including Native American artists and hand made wicker baskets (he even makes the wooden strips from logs on site, with some cool tools).
~ Artisan booths / entertainment / activities for the kids — it’s open for discussion.

FOR BOOTH and more event info:
Early Bird Tickets:
We’re still organizing volunteers (contact me if interested).

This is the first time I’ve hosted an event with a capacity of 4k people (hell, actually it’s my first ever!). Luckily, I have the assistance of the experienced Genesis Farm, the lauded, innovative Maine program that helps opioid addicts come clean with the help of cannabis ( 
First set of promo tickets go to Robert Dowling Jr., (if you choose to accept them!). I have my eye on that hat (I pay going rate for his art! Check out his work).
You don’t need to be a Kratom consumer to enjoy this festival! If you take #SUPPLEMENTS — natural supplements of any kind — it’s helpful to know about FDA moves to regulate and/ or take those supplements away (#holistic is in FDA’s crosshairs as well!). You can also learn about Kratom, a (non high-making) plant that has helped thousands of people in the USA, in numerous ways. As the FDA attempts to take Kratom away from us, we’re fighting for continued legal access to it, so people are not forced to seek opioid relief in its absence. 
Thank you, Donnie, from Maine Vocals, we are here for you, brother. 
Thank all of you!

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