Kratom is being Commonly used in NYC to Curb Habitual Alcohol Use, Hence Proving Kratom is Safe

rebcenter-moscow / Pixabay

A survey carried out in the US has highlighted that the use of Kratom for curbing habitual alcohol use has increased significantly in NYC. Despite the raising concerns about the use of Kratom for dealing with opioid or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it has been sold at various offline and online stores. This has been contributing to a rise in the demand for Kratom in different areas of the US.

On the list of various substance use disorders, alcohol enjoys the second spot after tobacco. And over 15 million people in the US are found to be affected due to alcohol addiction. Instead of visiting the drug addiction centers, most of the people prefer to use self-medication methods to deal with this disorder. In order to avoid their dependence on alcohol in their daily lives, they shop for Kratom or other similar products to get rid of alcohol abuse.

Since Kratom is safe to use for every age group of people, its usage has increased significantly over the last few years in the US. As the number of drug addicts has been increasing exponentially in the US, the use of Kratom based supplements has been witnessing a sharp growth. According to the data available, over $250 billion worth of money is currently being invested for alcohol use.

The use of Kratom gives the same effect as is given by any substance or alcohol abuse. Kratom doesn’t cause the high that is caused by alcohol abuse and it is the prominent reason for its high use by youngsters across the world.

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