suffer no longer

1980 I was ran off interstate 45 by a 18 wheeler and my car barrell rolled 5 times , the roof collapsed on top of my head compressing my cervical spine. Fast forward to 1999 the chronic pain began and it’s been a tough journey. Pain docs had me on high dose opioid therapy from 2002 thru 2010 then the opioid epidemic began and I had to lower my dose to practically nothing with the pain just becoming worse. I decided to take myself off of methadone 2 years ago and it felt like I was possessed by something evil. I worked my way down to the lowest dose possible 3 mgs 3 times a day but I couldn’t stop it all together. I stayed there till a month ago then a friend called me and told me about kratom now I’m no longer on opiods for severe chronic pain , I’m free of that nightmare. Kratom helped me stop opioid therapy after 28 years and I will never go back taking that garbage. Kratom cant be banned its helped way too many people like it helped me.


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