Save Our Kratom

I am writing this testimonial in hopes it will help all of us in keeping our plant-kratom accessible and legal. My name is Dale Jerue-and for the past 25 years have been working as a substance abuse treatment provider. I have held positions from Counselor Aide to Clinical Director. The last position I held prior to my retirement I worked as a counselor in a local methadone clinic. More recently, I provide supportive counseling (free of charge) to individuals who have chosen Kratom in their efforts to deal with opiate addiction, depression, and overall general wellness. Most of the individuals I have contact with have been in several addictions programs; and have attempted to engage in NA/AA with no success. These individuals are now reporting relief of symptoms and are now engaged in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyles. I am also a recovering individual and I too now use Kratom to maintain abstinence from opiates with outstanding results. I became aware of Kratom a few years ago by my sister, who like me, has had difficulties remaining drug free after several inpatient rehab stays. My sister told me of her success using Kratom and I was able to witness her return to a full and productive life-one so profound that I needed to visit her in person-and the results were just like she stated. Over the past 25 years, my most discouraging work experience was working at the methadone clinic where patients were put directly on a methadone maintainence program and never given an option of completing treatment-more or less becoming slaves to the treatment system. Please, let’s work together to keep The Kratom-Our Kratom Dale Jerue MHS, CAP (ret)

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